Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends,



This is my thirty eighth progress report after 1155 days as your President. Note that previous reports are on the ISSMGE web site ( under “From the President” if you need them. In this report, I will talk to you about our upcoming webinar, the election of the next Vice Presidents and President, the ISSMGE Bulletin, and then I have a present for you.


Webinar. The topic of the next webinar will be “An Introduction to Geosynthetics”. It will be presented by Robert Koerner (USA). Professor Koerner is a word expert on this topic and has written a well known book entitled “Designing with Geosynthetics”. The date and time are 22January2013 at 2:00 UTC (London). I will have more details for you in my 9Jan2013 progress report. As you know we offer these webinars free of charge as a service to our members and we encourage you to continue to sign up in great numbers to benefit from these unique and free opportunities to listen for 90 minutes to some of the best minds in geotechnical engineering worldwide. These webinars are not free for ISSMGE and we need to minimize our cost so I have a very important request. When you listen to these webinars, you use your computer to view the slides. Please use your computer also to listen to the speaker’s voice, DO NOT USE YOUR TELEPHONE. When you use your telephone ISSMGE is charged for your calls and it is quite expensive. If you use your computer (voice over IP or audio conference) it is free of charge. Thank you for helping us save your money.

Vice Presidents and President election. The process to elect the next Vice Presidents is under way and will be followed by the process for the election of the President. The deadline for the official nominations for Vice President is 14Dec2012 (just a few days). Nominations go to the Secretary General (Neil Taylor, As you may recall ISSMGE has organized the world in 6 regions and there is 1 VP per region. All nominations must come from a member society not an individual. The deadline for President is 15Mar2013 so you still have time to make up your mind but it is not wise to wait too long as early candidates will be ahead of you in campaigning. I urge many of you to consider running for this position which, while very demanding, is a tremendous honor and a great way to help all your colleagues worldwide.


ISSMGE Bulletin. The Editor in Chief of the ISSMGE Bulletin is our distinguished colleague Ikuo Towhata (Japan) and I wish to recognize him for a truly magnificent job. Over the last 3 years Professor Towhata and his team of editors has relentlessly produced a high quality bulletin which many of us enjoy reading. Under his leadership the Bulletin has gone from 4 issues per year to 6 issues per year. The Bulletin represent an enormous amount of work to produce. It is in color and you can find all the past issues in pdf format on the ISSMGE web site ( The Bulletin is the best place for you to send news from your Member Society, Technical Committee, Board level Committee, and more. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to share information with your 19,000 colleagues worldwide. You can contact Professor Towhata at On behalf of our 90 countries and 19,000 members, I wish to thank you, Professor Towhata, and your team of editors for a job very well done.


Present. This is the time of the year where many of our members celebrate, our families get together, and we exchange presents. So I have a present for you if you wish. As you may know, in my travels, I offer a tie or a scarf to some of our members in each country that I visit to thank them for their contribution to our profession. The tie and scarf have flags of many countries and represent the spirit of cooperation between countries. I would like to offer you such a tie or scarf if you wish. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that the flag of your country will be on it because we have 90 country members and the number of flags on the tie and scarf is limited. So if you wish for me to send you one, give me your mailing address, tell me if you want the tie or the scarf, and it will be my pleasure to send you one.


Season’s Greetings,

Jean-Louis BRIAUD
President of ISSMGE
International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering