Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends,


This is my forty third progress report after 1305 days as your President. Note that previous reports are on the ISSMGE web site at if you need them. In this report, I will talk to you about our upcoming webinar, the results of the recent Board meeting at Texas A&M University, including the ISSMGE Awards recipients.


Webinars. Yesterday, we had another very successful webinar by Sebastiano Foti (Italy) on Geophysical Tests for Geotechnical Site Characterization. Our next free webinar will be presented by Harry Poulos (Australia) on Thursday morning 25July2013 (Sydney time) on the topic of “Meeting the Challenges of Foundation Design for Tall Buildings”. I will send you more precise information on the time of this webinar in my next progress report. You can also find further information on our web site or by contacting my assistant, Theresa Taeger, at If you missed any of the webinars, you can access the ISSMGE web site at and listen to the recording at your leisure.


Board meeting. The ISSMGE Board met at Texas A&M University recently for a full day meeting. We have a great team of Board members and this gives me a chance to acknowledge their contribution to our society and to mention their names under the photo at the bottom of this email. I selected some of the most important items discussed during the meeting.

- Decision on the ISSMGE Awards (discussed separately below)

- Decision on setting up the ISSMGE Foundation as a separate entity from ISSMGE to simplify a number of things

- Decision on authors copyrights. Here the Board voted to accept the recommendation of Rainer

Massarsch’ task force on copyrights. Basically the ISSMGE position is now that the author gives the

publisher the right to publish but retains the copyrights. The details will soon be posted on our web site.

- Reports by the Board Level Committees (Young members, Corporate Associates, Membership, Innovations, Public Relations, Awards).

- Report on the progress of the Paris 18thICSMGE in September.

- Decision on his or her in the Bylaws. The By-Laws have been revised to be gender neutral. This will require a vote of the Council in Paris on 1 September 2013 during the 18th ICSMGE.


Awards decisions. As you may recall that I noticed around 2010 that our Society gave very few awards (5 every 4 years). So we created the Awards Committee (AWAC) to solve that and we now have up to 12 every 4 years. Francois Schlosser, chair of AWAC (France) and Esve Jacobs, Secretary of AWAC (South Africa) and their committee members worked long and hard to establish the new awards, organize the nomination process, collect the nominations, and make recommendations to the Board. The Board made the final decisions on who would receive the awards but before I tell you who was selected, let me say that I very much appreciate all the work that was done by the people and the societies nominating very deserving members of our profession. Without you and without your work there would be no awards and no one would be proud to win. It is a competition and there can be only one winner but winning is only as valuable as the competition you faced and believe me there was a lot of very tough competition in these awards. Of course that made the awards committee recommendations and the Board decisions very tough but in the end here are the winners. They all have been previously contacted.

- Outstanding Technical Committee: TC on Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management (Chair K.K. Phoon, Singapore).

- Outstanding Geotechnical Project: Korea - Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Immersed Tunnel by Daewoo Company.
Outstanding Member Society. The New Zealand Society (President Gavin Alexander).

- Outstanding Innovator: Dimitris Zekkos (USA).

- Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer. Guillermo Narsilio (Argentina – Australia).

- Young Member Awards. Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn (Australia) and Greg Siemens (Canada).

- Outstanding Public Relations. Marc Ballouz (Lebanon).

- Outstanding paper in the Int. J. Geoeng. Case Hist. Burland J.B., Jamiolkowski M.B., Viggiani C., (2009), Leaning Tower of Pisa: Behaviour after Stabilization Operation.


The awards will be given at the Awards Luncheon in Paris at the 18th ICSMGE on 2 September 2013.


The ISSMGE Board

Standing and from left to right are Samuel Ejezie (Vice President for Africa), Ikuo Towhata (Appointed board member and Editor in Chief of the ISSMGE Bulletin), Ivan Vanicek (Vice President for Europe), Roger Frank (Appointed board member), Charles Ng (Appointed board member), Roberto Terzariol (Vice President for North America). Sitting and from left to right are Askar Zhussupbekov (Vice President for Asia), Michael Davies (Vice President for Australasia, first vice president and treasurer), Neil Taylor (Secretary General), Jean-Louis Briaud (President), Pedro Pinto (Past President and Editor in chief of the Int. Jour. of Geo-engineering Case Histories), and Gabriel Auvinet (Vice President for North America).



Best wishes,

Jean-Louis BRIAUD
President of ISSMGE
International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering