Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends,


This is my seventh progress report after 210 days as your President. Note that previous reports are on the ISSMGE web site ( under “From the President” if you need them. In this report, I would like to talk to you about the new ISSMGE email lists, some ideas about TCs, some teaching materials available, and remind you about the Secretariat proposals deadline.


New ISSMGE Email Lists. As I travel through the world, I meet ISSMGE members who tell me that they have not seen any of my progress reports or the ISSMGE Bulletin. Other instances have indicated that communication to individual members can be improved. So I have started three email lists to which you can subscribe as ISSMGE members on a voluntary basis.
The first list is for announcements only; answers to that list will not reach anyone. The second one is for discussion among ISSMGE members worldwide; you can communicate directly with your colleagues across the world by using this list. The third one is for discussion among young members of ISSMGE (less than 35 years old). For these lists, there will be a web master to filter undesirable emails. If you wish to join these lists, please send an email to the Assistant to the President, Angie Zikus at and give you first name, your last name, your country, which list you wish to join, and your preferred email address. Angie Zikus will also play the role of web master. Obviously, this is a long term project as the list have no names to start with and will grow as time goes by but my hope is that soon we will have everyone who wishes to be on the lists and we will be able to communicate more easily with each other.


To TC Chairs. You will soon hear from Suzanne Lacasse, Chair of TOC, about the next step for TC Chairs. One of the pressing issue will be for you to prepare a list of Tasks that you and your members wish to accomplish with clear deliverables and schedule. I would like you to consider two tasks in particular. The first one is for you and your members to send articles to the International Journal of Geo-Engineering Case Histories which is a refereed journal available on line in color for free ( It is a/the journal of ISSMGE and we need to contribute to this wonderful idea from Professor Zekkos. The second task is to consider starting a named lecture in your committee; some TCs have already started this idea which allowed them to honor an eminent geotechnical engineer in their field. The named lecture would be given at a TC event.


To my colleagues in academia: education is very important and Suzanne Lacasse indicated to me yesterday that TOC approved a new TC on education; official announcement yet to come. I wish to share with you some material from my own teaching practice; this could be food for thought for our upcoming TC on education. If you go to my web site ( under “Teaching”, and then under “Course Page”, you will find a complete set of assignments with the solutions at the end of the syllabus of the two undergraduate courses that I teach (Introduction course and Design course). Feel free to use this as you wish but to no commercial end. If you find errors please let me know so I can correct them.


Office of the Secretary General: please remember that the deadline for submission of proposals by National Societies to host the Secretariat of ISSMGE over the next 4 years (2011-2015) is 14 May 2010. The proposals should come to me directly and only. They will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the ISSMGE Board and there will be  a full Board vote in Moscow on 6 June 2010.


Please do relay this message to all the members in your country.

Best wishes,


Jean-Louis BRIAUD
President of ISSMGE