Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends, 

You elected me approximately 30 days ago and I can assure you that it was one of the major highlights of my professional career. This is a short report on the progress we have made over the last 30 days. I have worked with the ISSMGE Board Members to set up the three Board Level Committees that I presented to you in Alexandria.


We have done the following 

1. Write the charges for the three BLCs (attached) 
2. Contact the people whose names were suggested to take the lead of these three very important committees 
3. After convincing them, and after collecting comments on the draft charges, rewrite the charges and propose the creation of the 3 BLCs for an official vote of the ISSMGE Board. 
4. Get the Board to vote 
5. Contact the chairs and vice chairs of the 3 BLCs and let them know that they have the green light to get started on their work. 

I am very happy to report that the Board voted unanimously to create the 3 new BLCs and approved the inaugural chairs, vice chairs, and special leaders of the 3 BLCs. They are 

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC):
Chair: Suzanne Lacasse, Co-Chair: Kjell Karslrud, Vice-Chair: Mike Jamiolkowski

Membership, Practitioners, Academicians Committee (MPAC):
Chair: Harry Poulos, Vice-Chair: Luiz DeMello 

Innovation and Development Committee (IDC):
Chair: Dimitris Zekkos, Vice-Chair: Charles Ng, Coordinator: Marc Ballouz

The three committees now officially exist. The leaders of these committees are in the process of selecting the members of their committee. 

I would appreciate if you could relay this message to the ISSMGE members in your country. As usual feel free to communicate with me on what is important to you. I now have to go to Belgium for a FedIGS meeting. 

Best wishes, 
Jean-Louis Briaud 


30 Day Progress Report - IDC Task-6Nov2009.pdf (15.97 kB)
30 Day Progress Report - MPAC Task-6Nov2009.pdf (16.39 kB)
30 Day Progress Report - TOC Task-6Nov2009.pdf (16.35 kB)