Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends, 

This is my fourth progress report after 120 days as your President. In this report I would like to talk to you briefly about assembling an email list of individual members of ISSMGE in the world, how we can help Haiti, the Lexicon of Geotechnical Terms in 8 languages, and my visit to Dubai. 

List of individual emails for all ISSMGE Members. I would like to be able to address all of our 19000 members directly. This is not possible today. So here is my idea. With your help and if you agree, we will compile a list of emails of individual members who wish to be on that list. While this list will be used very sparingly so as not to unduly bother our members, it will be extremely useful for example to announce ISSMGE technical activities and share Presidential messages. Note that we have close to 19,000 members. What do you think? 

Haiti. The terrible disaster that our colleagues in Haiti have faced is beyond imagination. After the first priority of rescue mission, the second phase of providing for food and medical services moved up to the top of the priority list along with keeping the citizens safe from criminal activities. It is likely that in the future, engineers help will be needed when it comes to rebuilding Haiti based on quality advice. In anticipation of this moment, ISSMGE is organizing an International Seminar in the neighboring country, The Dominican Republic, around mid April thanks to the leadership of Dr. Luis Carpio, President of the Dominican Republic Geotechnics Society. I have asked Professor Pedro Pinto to take the lead in organizing this International Seminar on behalf of ISSMGE; the seminar will be dedicated to dynamic soil structure interaction and foundation design for earthquakes. 

Lexicon. The Lexicon of geotechnical terms in 8 languages has helped us for several decades including me when I was a student! It has always been in hard copy and we have transformed it into a pdf file which you can find and download free of charge from the ISSMGE web site a We are investigating the effort required to transformed this plain pdf copy into a searchable version. This likely will require typing most of the lexicon all over again as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software has limitations. If you wish to help with this effort or add a new language, let me know. 

Visit to Dubai. Waoh! What a place it is. I saw a 7 star hotel with rooms for $2000/night (No, I did not stay there!) and a heliport where Federer and Agassi plaid tennis once! I saw and went up the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, toping at 828 m. I heard a presentation at the conference by Chris Haberfield on the foundation design of the first 1000 m high Nakheel Tower. More importantly, I visited with several colleagues from the UAE, from Saudi Arabia, and from Lebanon about starting an ISSMGE National Society in their countries. They were enthusiastic and I am anxious to help them develop into full fledged National Societies. 

Please do relay this message to all the members in your country. 

Best wishes, 

Jean-Louis Briaud