To be held in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday November 19, 2000

At the occasion of GeoEng 2000



Bridge Scour

Laboratory Study and Field Investigation of Scour Around Bridge Pier in Bangladesh : M R Kabir, I M Faisa, Fahmida Khatun (Bangladesh)

Scour Depth Prediction and Practice: B.R. Phani Kumar (India)

The SRICOS Method: A Summary: J.-L. Briaud, H.-C. Chen, K. Kwak (USA)

Prediction of Bed Liquification and Local Scour Around a Bridge Pier Under Abrupt Water Pressure Change: Md. Faruque Mia, Hiroshi Nago (Japan)

Scour of Rock and Other Earth Materials at Bridge Pier Foundations: George W. Annandale, Steven P. Smith, Tamara Butler (USA)

Sizing Riprap to Protect Against Local Scouring at Bridge Piers: Christine S. Lauchlan, Bruce W. Melville, Stephen E. Coleman (New Zealand)

Total Scour Depth at Bridge Abutments: Stephen E. Coleman, Bruce W. Melville, Christine S. Lauchlan (New Zealand)

Laboratory Apparatus

The EFA, Erosion Function Apparatus: An Overview : J.-L. Briaud, H.-C. Chen, F.C.K. Ting (USA)

A Laboratory Method to Evaluate the Rate of Water Erosion of Natural Rock Material: Matthew R. Henderson, D. Max Sheppard, David Bloomquist (USA)

Other Scour Problems

Towards Predicting Time Development of Local Scour Around Offshore Pipelines: Fangjun Li, Liang Cheng (Australia)

Experimantal Study of the Scour on the Seabed Under a Pipeline in Oscillating Flow: Pu Qun, Li Kun (China)

Scour Potential Evaluated in Terms of Excess Pore Pressure Induced By Ocean Waves: Kouki Zen, Kiyonobu Kasama (Japan)

Scour Downstream of Dams : George W. Annandale, Rodney Wittler, Greg A. Scott (USA)

Evaluation of General Scour: José Antonio Maza-Álvarez (Mexico)

Flow Angle of Attack at Perpendicular Bridge Crossings: Marco Falcón, Mauro Nalesso (Venezuela)

Predicting the Magnitude and Position of Maximum Scour Depth Downstream of Culvert Outlets Using Artificial Neural Networks: S.L. Liriano, R.A. Day (UK)


Practice and Case Histories

International Practice

Some Aspects of the Argentine Experience on Local Scour: Raúl Antonio Lopardo (Argentina)

Bridge Scour Problems in Korea: Tae Hoon Yoon, Soo Sam Kim, Gye Woon Choi, Sangseom Jeong (Korea)

Bridge Scour Evaluation in the United States : E.V. Richardson, J.R. Richardson, P.F. Lagasse (USA)

Scour in Sudan: Practice and Problems: Yahia E-A. Mohamedzein, Assim El Sanosi (Sudan)

Setting Train Suspension Rules on the Bridges Prone to Scour in Consideration with River-Bed Characteristics: Junichi Tanaka, Masanori Mikami (Japan)

New Zealand Reflections on Bridge Scour: Stephen E. Coleman, Bruce W. Melville Christine S. Lauchlan (New Zealand)

Local Scouring and Scour Countermeasure in Malaysia: Yee-Meng Chiew, See-King Ng, Siow-Yong Lim (Singapore)

Inspection and Monitoring

Bridge Inspection for Scour Vulnerability: E.V. Richardson, J.R. Richardson, R.F. Lagasse (USA)

Development of New Scour Monitoring Devices for Railway Bridges: Osamu Suzuki, Makoto Shimamura (Japan)

Real-Time Bridge Scour Assessment and Warning: Jeffrey M. Di Stasi, Carlton L. Ho (USA)


Protection of the Hutt Estuary Bridge Against Local Scour: Christine S. Lauchlan, Bruce W. Melville, Stephen E. Coleman (New Zealand)

Hydraulic Properties of Concrete Blocks For Bed Protection: Sung-Uk Choi, Joongcheol Paik, Woncheol Cho (Korea)

The Problem of Scour and Countermeasures: B.R. Phani Kumar (India)

Shear Stress Concept in Granular Filters: Gijs J.C.M. Hoffmans, Henk den Adel, Henk J. Verheij (The Netherlands)

Case Histories

Influence of Reservoir on River Bed Scour: Narimantas Zdankus (Lithuania)

Bealey Bridge Scour Failure: Stephen E. Coleman, Bruce W. Melville, Christine S. Lauchlan (New Zealand)