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Office: 709C, CE/TTI building

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:20 to 11:10 am


Lectures:       Mondays and Wednesdays 10:20 to 11:10 am in Room 104 CE building.

Laboratory:   Wednesdays 1:50 to 4:40 pm in Room 104 CE building.

Textbook:     There is no textbook for this course which will make use of hand outs. The book for the prerequisite course, CVEN 365, is Craig R.F., 2004, Craig’s Soil Mechanics,7th edition,SPON Press, New York, pp447.


  1. Review of Soil Properties (4Lec, 2 Labs)
    • Classification
    • Effective stress
    • Deformation (compression, shrink-swell)
    • Strength
    • Hydraulic conductivity
  2. Shallow Foundations (6 Lec, 3 Lab)
    • Design approach
    • Bearing pressure (distribution, capacity)
    • Settlement (footings, mats, embankments)
  3. Deep Foundations (8 Lec, 4 Lab)
    • Design approach
    • Installation (drilled shaft, wave equation)
    • Single pile capacity under vertical load (driven, bored)
    • Pile group capacity under vertical load
    • Settlement of deep foundations
    • Single pile under horizontal load
  4. Foundations on Shrink-Swell Soils (4 Lec, 2 Lab)
    • Design approach
    • Movement calculations
    • Slab-on-grade design
    • Pile design
  5. Slope Stability (4 Lec, 2 Lab)
    • Design approach
    • Chart methods
    • Method of slices (Bishop modified)
  6. Retaining Walls (4 Lec, 2 Lab)
    • Design approach
    • Earth pressure theories
    • Bottom up walls
    • Top down walls

Grading:     Mid Term Examination  = 30%
                    Final Examination  = 40%
                    Assignments = 30%   

Notes:        Attendance at all laboratory sessions is required. Attendance at lectures will be monitored. Assignments must be submitted within the first five minutes of the laboratory session on the due date. Any late assignment will receive a grade of zero. Not turning in an assignment before the end of the course will result in a failing grade in the course.


The Foundation of the Tower of Pisa
The Foundation of the Nakheel Tower in Dubai
The Foundation of the New Orleans Hospital
The Foundation of Briaud’s House in College Station
The Left Bank Slope of the St John’s River in Fredericton, Canada
Tieback and VERT Research Walls at the NGES Site
The Teton Dam Failure




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