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Major Awards

2010 Pikarsky Memorial Award for a MS Thesis (CUTC) (National)

2011 New Faculty Award (CUTC) (National)

Dr. Wang's Research Group

Dr. Wang's group students typically take most transportation courses as well as many other courses in optimization, probability and statistics and econometrics. Texas A&M University has reputable programs in all these areas. Students are expected to grow strong in rigorous thinking and modeling.

Students coming from applied mathematics, computer sciences and automation have potentials to excel in transportation.

Example Three Year Courses

Year One Year Two Year Three
Trans CVEN 672/617 ../618/632 CVEN635/632/658 ...
Others STAT658/INEN622 INEN623/STAT611 INEN629/MATH609

Student Awards

Group members have won a number of national, regional and local awards. The following are examples.

  • Robert Herman Outstanding PhD Student Award for the Southwest Region. 2013. Kai Yin. SWUTC. ($1000)
  • FAA Graduate Student Aviation Award. 2011. Kain Yin. TRB. ($10,000)
  • Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship. 2013. Wen Wang. Federal DOT. ($5,000)
  • Texas Best Student Paper. 2011. Kai Yin. TexITE.

Wang Group graduates have gone on to being traffic engineers, railroad operations researchers, and financial engineering analyst. The years of their young life in the group were appreciated. The group wish them all a successful career and life.

PhD Graduates

Kai Yin (2013. Scientist in financial engineering firm Nomis). Qing Miao (2013. Operations researcher at Norfolk Southern Railroad). Wen Wang (2015. Operations Researcher at Six Continental Hotels). Adel Khodakarami (2016. Operations Researcher at BNSF Railroad).Xiaowei (Mark) Cao (Dec. 2019)

Master Graduates

Kai Yin 2010. Qing Miao 2010. Wen Wang 2011. Chunyu (Alex) Tian 2011. Subrity Rajbhaniari 2011. Mihir Kuma 2011. Jiayu Qian 2013. Chujun (Lisa) Zhong 2014. Chi-hao Yuan 2015. Liyang Wang 2015. Xiaowei Cao 2015. Nancy Seck 2016. Bahman Torkamandi 2015. Fan Gao 2016. Yongxin Peng 2017. Yan Zhao 2017.