CVEN 456/766 Course Material


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Last updated: March 23rd, 2020


Course Syllabus 456 (Undergraduate)

Course Syllabus 766 (Graduate)





 Assignment 1


Assignment 2


Assignment 3 *NEW




Laboratory 1



Laboratory 2


Laboratory 3 *NEW


Relevant files for using Civil 3D:


Creating an alignment


Civil 3D contour lines


Richard Huntchinson's file from last semester: Seminar


Jeff’s Otey’s Seminar Notes and Input files: Seminar


Capstone Projects


Team 1Data


Team 2Data


Team 3Data *New


Team 4Data


Team 5Data



The links below include the description of the project for each team (in PDF) and the attached DWG and image files.


Each team needs to include this matrix/table in their report: Matrix





Textbook for this course:


CoursePack Title: CVEN 456: Highway Design - Spring 2020

Instructor: Dr. Dominique Lord

CoursePackID: 562093

OrderID: 587522

CoursePack ISBN: 9781506605852

CoursePack Format: Print/eBook


        Available at the A&M bookstore and possibly at Barnes & Noble.


        Link to the book at A&M bookstore here.


Texas Roadway Design Manual (needed for the project):




Slides and other Material


Course Outline


Topic 1 – Trends & Highway Classification


Topics 2 & 3 Highway Design Process & Route Selection

        Additional Material: Bearing & Azimuth


TxDOT Project Development Process

DESFlow Chart


Review – Earth Work

(Please note that I won’t teach this material. Since all of you have already seen it, I uploaded it for your information)


Topic 4 – Highway Costs


        Mark Poage’s Seminar


        Bob Appleton’s Seminar


Topic 5 – Design Controls


Topic 6 – Sight Distance


        Computing Sight Distance on Crest Curves (kindly provided with permission from Dr. Ezra Hauer)


Topic 7 – Horizontal Alignment  


        Additional Information about Spirals


Topic 8 – Vertical Alignment          


        Additional Information about Critical Length of Grade


Topic 9 – Cross Section Design


Topic 10 – Intersections *New


        Additional information for taper design  


        Three-centered Curves