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Washington State University

CE 215 Mechanics of Materials

CE 322 Transportation Engineering

CE 400 Highway Materials Engineering

CE 501 Advanced Topics in Transportation Engineering

CE 567 Advanced Characterization of Highway Materials

CE 580 Graduate Students Seminar

Texas A&M University

CVEN 342 Materials of Construction

CVEN 489 Materials Engineering for Civil Engineers

CVEN 615 Structural Design of Pavements

CVEN 653 Bituminous Materials

CVEN 681 Materials Seminar

CVEN 685 Directed Studies

CVEN 689 Special Topics: Constitutive Modeling of Bituminous Materials

Texas A&M University at Qatar

ENGR 111 Foundations of Engineering I

ENGR 112 Foundations of Engineering II

MEEN 221 Statics and Dynamics

CVEN 305  Mechanical of Materials

ENGR 482 Engineering Ethics


Last modified   August,  2012