Francisco Olivera - GIS

Spring 2003


Francisco Olivera, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University




Feature datasets:

Raster datasets:


Invited Speakers

Computer sessions

Complete the following exercises:

If an exercise is not completed during its corresponding computer session, prepare a report that shows your work. The report should include screen captures and a description of your work. If possible, try to avoid this option.

Literature reviews

Prepare four 300- to 400-word article/book-chapter reviews. At least two of the select articles must be related to your term project topic. Suggested sources of articles/book-chapters are:

Any other source of articles/book-chapters relevant in your field can be considered, but should be subject to approval by the instructor.

Submit a list of complete references of the articles you plan to review by Monday 1/27/02 for approval. An article cannot be reviewed by more than one student. Preference will be given to the student that first submits his/her list of articles. Exceptions  to this rule will be considered on an case-by-case basis.

Article reviews are due on Monday 2/17/02, Monday 2/24/02, Monday 3/3/02, and Monday 3/17/02.

GIS data review

Search the internet for all available GIS data in your field (water resources, transportation, public works, urban planning, and regional planning, among others. Prepare a list of the data you found including: (1) what it is, (2) who developed it, (3) area covered, (4) scale (i.e., level of detail), (5) map projection, (6) information contained in the attribute table, and any other matter you deem necessary.

The GIS data review is due on Tuesday 3/25/02.

Term project

Prepare a paper on an application of GIS in your field of study.

Submit the title and a 150-word description of your proposed term project by Monday 2/10/02 for approval.

Deliver your term project in HTML or PDF electronic format by Monday 4/28/02, ready to be posted in the class web page. The final report should include:

Prepare a poster (24" x 36") that summarizes your work. The poster should include a label [Texas A&M University, Department of Civil Engineering, CVEN689 Applications of GIS to Civil Engineering, Instructor: Dr. Francisco Olivera, <project title>, <author> and <date>], maps, and text boxes. Feel free to use of charts, tables and/or pictures to better convey the information. Deliver the poster in hard-copy by Monday 4/28/02.

Additionally, present your work in a 15-minute in-class presentation at the end of the semester on the day and time assigned.


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