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PrePro2002 is a "preprocessor" for hydrologic watershed modeling.  It works with the ArcGIS software suite (ArcView, ArcInfo) to transform an area's DEM into a basin model suitable for further analysis in HEC-HMS.  PrePro2002 can perform many useful operations:

Fill depressions in the DEM
Delineate the watershed
Find the streams in the area
Find outlets of each stream reach
Convert the DEM to an HMS basin file

PrePro2002 is available for download free of charge from this site.  Part of the download file is the help system, which contains a detailed tutorial, information on each of the commands, and in-depth technical information. 


Credits for PrePro2002:

Program Development
Francisco Olivera, Ph.D., P.E.
Department of
Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University

Program Implementation and Documentation
Brad Dodson
Dodson & Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth Bristow
Department of
Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University

Hardware and Software
Dodson & Associates, Inc.
5629 FM 1960 West, Suite
Houston , TX 77069-4216
FAX 281/440-4742