GRADUATE STUDENTS (as Committee Chair)


Last Updated: January 31, 2019


Current Students


Doctor of Philosophy

       Mushtaq Al-Saidi, began studies in Spring 2015, dissertation topic: Optimizing the selection of timing plans for a signalized intersection.

       Marcus Brewer, began studies in Fall 2014, dissertation topic: Comparison of SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Data to Geometric Design Speed Characteristics on Freeway Ramps.

       Yanfen Zhou, began studies in Spring 2013, dissertation topic: Methodologies of Developing Driveway Influence Areas for Urban Corridor Access Management.


Master of Science

       Ruth Iroanya, began studies in Fall 2018, thesis topic: to be determined.

       Jayson Stibbe, began studies in Fall 2017, An Investigation into Vehicle Acceleration Characteristics on Freeway Loop Ramps.

       Adam Stacy, began studies in Spring 2016, thesis topic: Evaluation of Machine Vision Collected Pavement Marking Quality Data for Use in Transportation Asset Management.


Master of Engineering

       Shreeja Dahal, began studies in Fall 2018.

       Amir Amini, began studies in Spring 2016.


Students Who Have Graduated (Note: where provided, the links to thesis/dissertation are the version of the document that is in the TAMU on-line library catalog)

       Jeffrey Hirsch, Master of Engineering, December 2018.

       Kallyse Duddleston, Master of Engineering, August 2018.

       Gregory Go, Master of Engineering, August 2018.

       Divya Pappu, Master of Engineering, May 2018.

       Abdel Trawi, Master of Engineering, December 2017.

       Jerod Stanley, Master of Engineering, December 2016.

       Tracy Zhou, Doctor of Philosophy, August 2016. Study on Arterial Signal Coordination with Uneven Double Cycling.Dissertation proposal.

       Lacy Brown, Doctor of Philosophy, December 2015. A Method for Evaluating Access Management on Major Arterial Crossroads in the Vicinity of Interchanges.Dissertation Proposal

       Jacqueline Hohenstein, Master of Engineering, December 2015.

       Yuzhou Li, Master of Engineering, December 2015.

       James Robertson, Doctor of Philosophy, May 2015. A Decision Support Tool for Selecting Traffic Control Devices.

       Mengqing Wang, Master of Engineering, May 2015.

       Xiaohan Li, Master of Science, An Analysis of the Impact of Reducing Pedestrian-Walking-Speed on Intersection Traffic MOEs.Thesis proposal. May 2015.

       Brad Brimley, Doctor of Philosophy, December 2014. Visual Attention and Driver Performance at Horizontal Curves.Dissertation Proposal

       Catie Reed, Master of Engineering, August 2013.

       Medhi Azimi. Doctor of Philosophy, December 2012. Theoretical Examination of Passing Sight Distance in Three Dimensions with Application to Marking No-Passing Zones.Dissertation proposal.

       Courtney Carr. Master of Engineering, August 2012.

       Andrew Persyn. Master of Engineering, May 2012.

       James Robertson. Master of Science, May 2011. A Traffic Operations Method for Evaluating Automobile and Bicycle Shared Roadways.Thesis Proposal.

       Heather McNeal, Master of Science, May 2010.Creating a Systems Engineering Approach for the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Thesis Proposal.

       Susan Paulus. Master of Science, May 2010. A Retroreflective Sheeting Selection Technique for Nighttime Driversí Needs. Thesis Proposal.Retroreflective Sheeting Selection Tool.

       Ridwan Quaium. Master of Science, May 2010. A Comparison of Vehicle Speed at Day and Night at Rural Horizontal Curves.

       Jonathan Re. Master of Science, May 2009.Assessing Benefits in Vehicle Speed and Lateral Position when Chevrons with Full Retroreflective Sign Posts are Implemented on Rural Horizontal Curves.Thesis Proposal.

       Thomas Hartman. Master of Science, August 2008.A Systems Approach to Urban Freeway Work Zone Performance Measures and Post-Hoc Analysis of Work Zone Decisions Using Amalgamated Performance Measures.Thesis Proposal.

       Cameron Williams. Master of Science, May 2008.Field Location of No-Passing Zones Due to Vertical Alignment Using the Global Positioning System.Thesis Proposal.

       Naveen Mokkapati. Master of Science, August 2007.Determining the Extent and Characteristics of Overrepresentation of Large Truck Crashes in Daytime and Nighttime Work Zones.Thesis Proposal.

       Marshall Cheek. Master of Science, May 2007.Improvements to a Queue and Delay Estimation Algorithm Utilized in Video Imaging Vehicle Detection Systems.Thesis Proposal.

       Jerremy Clark. Master of Science, May 2007.Nighttime Driver Needs: An Analysis of Sign Usage Based on Luminance.Thesis Proposal.

       Christopher Debaillon.Master of Engineering, May 2007.

       Matthew Sneed.Master of Engineering, December 2006.

       Agrawal, Ravi. Master of Science, May 2006.Using Finite Element Structural Analysis of Retroreflective Raised Pavement Markers (RRPMs) to Recommend Testing Procedures for Simulating Their Field Performance.Thesis Proposal.

       Garg, Roma.Master of Science, May 2006.Impacts of a Conspicuity Treatment on Speed Limit Compliance.Thesis Proposal.

       Gogula, Madhuri. Master of Science, May 2006.The Impact of Modern Headlamps on the Design of Sag Vertical Curves. Thesis Proposal.

       Pike, Adam.Master of Science, December 2005. An Investigation into the Predictive Performance of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Measured under Various Conditions of Continuous Wetting.Thesis Proposal.††