Last Updated: August 8, 2008


The following links may be helpful to those interested in MUTCD related issues.  Please send additional links to and put MUTCD links in the subject line.


·           MUTCD (the FHWA site for the MUTCD, this site contains the official national version)

·           History of the MUTCD (Gene Hawkins web site)

·           MUTCD Strategic Planning Task Force (NCUTCD activity chaired by Gene Hawkins)

·           MUTCD docket for January 2, 2008 NPA (this site lists all the docket comments submitted for this proposed rule)

·           MUTCD docket for Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity (resulted in Revision 2 of the 2003 MUTCD)

·           NCUTCD (National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)

·           Manual of Signs (Richard Moeur’s web site)

·           Links to State MUTCDs/Supplements (from the FHWA MUTCD web site)

·           PDF version of full 2003 MUTCD, through Revision 1

·           PDF version of full 2003 MUTCD, through Revision 2