Last Updated: February 23, 2016


White Paper Background

As part of the effort to develop a vision and strategic plan for the MUTCD around 2012, I developed a series of MUTCD white papers.  These white papers were an early attempt at trying to help identify critical issues related to the future of the MUTCD and to help crystalize key perspectives on these issues.  Some of these white papers were posted on the TAMU MUTCD website, others were never posted.  Recognizing that the thoughts expressed in these white papers may have some value in developing a plan for the future of the MUTCD, I have posted the white papers below.



These white papers represent my thoughts as they existed at the time the white paper was developed.  In some cases, my opinions have changed since writing the white paper.  In addition, the papers listed as “unpublished” may not be fully developed, but are included here as a partial contribution to future discussion.  Many of the published white papers included additional comments from several individuals.  Those comments have not been included in the posted white papers.


White Papers

Click the links below to access a specific white paper. 

1.    Purpose of the MUTCD

2.    MUTCD target audience

3.    MUTCD level of detail

4.    TCD future

5.    Organizing the MUTCD

6.    MUTCD Target Road User

7.    MUTCD Uniformity