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Gene Hawkins, NCUTCD Chair


Last Updated: February 7, 2020


NCUTCD Chair Messages

       Chairís Message #3: June 6, 2018: Number of sponsor comments on proposals, June meeting information, member activities, schedule of meetings, and ARTBA social event information.

       Chairís Message #2: April 18, 2018: MUTCD updates/actions, June meeting information, NCUTCD delegation changes.

       Chairís Message #1, February 7, 2018: Welcome, Chair/VC appointments, advisory groups, automated vehicles, RRFB, improvements, Ray Pusey, impacts, Council actions.


Gene Hawkins 10 Thoughts for the NCUTCD

       Hawkins Ten Thoughts: Information I distributed to NCUTCD members regarding my thoughts and goals as the new chair of the NCUTCD.


How to Join the National Committee

††††† The National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) is a private organization that recommends changes to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).† The NCUTCDís biggest asset is the approximately 300 members who contribute to its work at its two meetings each year.† If you would like to contribute to improving the U.S. system of traffic control devices, the NCUTCD invites you to join the organization.† One of our strengths is the diversity of perspectives within the organization and we seek to increase that diversity by encouraging new members that represent a range of skills, perspectives, knowledge, backgrounds, and other factors.†

††††† The NCUTCD is open to any individual who has an interest in traffic control devices, is willing to contribute to NCUTCD activities, and who can attend the January and June meetings on a regular basis.† The January meeting is held the week before the Transportation Research Board meeting in the D.C. area.† The summer meeting is generally in June and changes location each year.† The typical individual joins the NCUTCD as a Technical Committee member, serving on one of seven Technical Committees (Regulatory and Warning Signs, Guide and Motorist Information Signs, Markings, Signals, Railroad and Light Rail Transit Highway Grade Crossings, Temporary Traffic Control, or Bicycles).† Technical Committee members are expected to attend the January and June meetings and serve on task forces.† Individuals who miss three consecutive meetings are typically removed from the membership rolls.

††††† The process for applying to be a member of a Technical Committee includes the following steps:

1.     It is recommended, but not required, that you attend one or more NCUTCD meetings to determine which technical committee you wish to apply for.

2.     Submit an application to the NCUTCD Executive Secretary ( indicating your preference for assignment to a Technical Committee (1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.) as well as your qualifications to contribute to the work of the Technical Committee(s).

3.     The application is reviewed by the Technical Committee chair and the Executive Secretary, and then presented to the Executive Board for approval.† The NCUTCD Bylaws require that 50 percent of the members of a Technical Committee represent a government affiliation (as defined by the NCUTCD), so applications of some non-government individuals may not be approved at the time of application.


Formatting for NCUTCD Recommendations

††††† The links below is a 48 minute video explaining the formatting for an NCUTCD proposal for MUTCD language.† It also explains the changes needed in formatting after a proposal is approved by the NCUTCD Council.

       Video: A 48 minute video explaining the formatting for an NCUTCD proposal for MUTCD language.† It also explains the changes needed in formatting after a proposal is approved by the NCUTCD Council.

       Notes: The notes that were shown during the training video.

       Format: The Word file that is the standard format for an NCUTCD proposal.†

       MUTCD: The Word text file for the 2009 MUTCD.† This file does not include any of the revisions or graphics.