The transportation systems engineering faculty at Texas A&M utilize many avenues to provide students with a real-world perspective of the principles and theory learned in the classroom and laboratory.  Hearing presentations by practicing professionals is an important element of our efforts to help students understand the application of the information they have learned.  Other avenues include class projects that address an actual transportation engineering challenge and field trips.  The following information describes our program’s speaker and field opportunities.  Individuals interested in participating in one more of these programs are invited to contact the appropriate person.


Transportation Professionals Seminar Program

The newest of these activities is the Transportation Professional Seminar Program.  This program, which begins in the Spring 2008 semester, provides an opportunity for students to hear from a wide range of professionals.  These presentations are scheduled for a 45-60 minute period.  In the Spring 2008 semester, presentations will be on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons to avoid conflicts with transportation classes.  Presentations should be about 20-30 minutes on a project, challenge, or other transportation issue, with discussion following the presentation.  This program is organized by Gene Hawkins.  Individuals or organizations that would like to participate in the Spring 2008 program should send the following information to Pam Fritcher (pfritcher@civil.tamu.edu):

·           Name, title, organization, and contact information for the presenter,

·           Title of presentation, and

·           Presentation abstract (50-200 words)


CVEN 681 – Transportation Seminar Graduate Class

This class, which is held in the fall semester, brings speakers to campus to provide extended presentations on transportation issues that students might not normally be exposed to in the classroom.  The seminar class is scheduled for a 2 hour period.  The presentations last from 30 to 60 minutes, with extended discussion during and following the presentation.  Although associated with a specific class, the seminars are open to all interested students, faculty, and staff.  Seminar presentations from the current and previous semesters are provided below.

·           Fall 2008

·           Fall 2007

·           Fall 2006

·           Fall 2005


ITE Student Chapter Meetings

Texas A&M has a very active student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  The chapter meets 9-12 times throughout the year and hears presentations by professionals at most of the meetings.  These presentations should be about 20 minutes and take place after the business portion of the meeting.  Currently, the student chapter meetings in the early evening on the first Tuesday of the month.  If you are interested in speaking to the student chapter, you can contact the faculty advisor, Gene Hawkins (gene-h@tamu.edu) or the student chapter president (tamuite_president@yahoo.com).  The website for the student chapter is at http://ite.tamu.edu.


Transportation Field Trips

The transportation systems engineering program schedules 2-3 field trips per year to a location of interest to the transportation students.  Please contact Gene Hawkins (gene-h@tamu.edu) if you would like to host a field trip by Texas A&M students.  Recent field trips include:

·           October 2007: Port of Houston facilities and boat tour of port, Houston.

·           July 2007: TranStar and Metro light rail system, Houston.

·           October 2006: Bryan District, Texas Department of Transportation, Bryan.

·           November 2005: TranStar, Walter P. Moore & Associates, Williams Brothers Construction, and Uptown Houston, Houston.


Special Note about Presentations to Students

The faculty recognize the many advantages to the students, faculty, and professionals resulting from the interaction that occurs when practitioners visit our campus to present technical information about projects and activities.  Organizations wanting to present to our students should be aware that the presentations are intended to educate students about technical issues, professional practice, and related information.  They are not intended for recruiting presentations or promoting an organization for recruiting purposes.  You are welcome to bring information about your organization that students may take if interested and you are encouraged to provide business cards to students.