Graduate Student Opportunities

The Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University is seeking one motivated PhD candidate in satellite remote sensing. The candidate is expected to have research experience with VIS/IR/microwave satellite sensors (such as Landsat, MODIS/VIIRS, AMSR2 etc.), and is expected to develop retrieval algorithms using observations from such sensors. Students in other areas with strong math/computer background will also be considered. Strong capabilities with regard to computer programming (e.g., python, c/c++, matlab, etc.) and/or for working in a unix/linux/supercomputing environment is desired. Skills in advanced image classifications (e.g., machine learning), cloud computing, and big data analysis are a plus. Graduate study experience and/or publication records are preferred.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Huilin Gao ( before submitting the application (please include your CV and a brief statement about your background/interest). Enrollment in the fall semester of 2019 is preferred. For funding in the fall semester, please submit the application through the Texas A&M graduate program.

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

We are seeking one undergraduate student to join us in the summer of 2019 for research experience through the Undergraduate Summer Research Grant(USRG) Program.