Associate Professor and
“Corky” Frank/Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Faculty Fellow
Director of Engineering Project Management Education

Dr. Damnjanovic joined Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University in August 2006. His research area is in project systems modeling with an emphasis on uncertainty, risk, and emerging sustainability goals. The system approach to life-cycle project management integrates temporal, organizational, and functional project elements to provide a streamlined process for decision-making.


Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, 2006
Dipl-Ing. University of Nis, Serbia, 2000

Contact Information

Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
CE-TTI Building 705-E
College Station, TX 77843-3136
Phone: (979) 862-6616
Email: idamnjanovic@civil.tamu.edu


Damnjanovic CV.pdf


Dr. Damnjanovic teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in construction project management, engineering economics, system simulation, risk analysis, and project finance.

CVEN 322 Civil Engineering Systems
CVEN/MEEN/ISEN 333 Project Management for Engineers
CVEN 349 Civil Engineering Project Management

CVEN 640 Project Development: Methods and Models
CVEN 710 Civil Engineering Project Finance


Class Materials
Class materials and notes are distributed using CENOTES


John Hodges, The World Bank, Infrastructure Group
Ricardo Giesen, Assistant Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Jon Sylvie, Program Manager for US Army

Ricardo Sanchez Gomez, Head of Technical Department, Cintra North America
Fidel Saenz de Ormijana, Technical Director, Cintra US

Andrew Thompson, Project Manager, Vaughn Construction

Joe Zinecker, Director, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
Ken Wisian, Commander of the 147 Reconnaissance Wing, USAF
Rene Ramirez, Program Manager for TAMUS
Marc Hibner, Project Manager, Skanska USA Building
Leen Peeters, Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit, Belgium
Steve Gill, Vice President, Valerus Compression Services
David Brewer, Assistant Project Manager, Skanska USA Building

Brian Watts and Luis Caro-Delgado, Project Managers, Valerus Compression Services
Ron DeJong, Division Head, Risk and Integrity Managament, Genesis Oil and Gas

Use of visual representation of abstract concepts in teaching

In teaching graduate-level classes (e.g., CVEN640), Dr. Damnjanovic relies on both verbal and non-verbal methods of teaching abstract concepts. Student teams are assigned to illustrate abstract concepts, which are central to the course, through concrete examples of the concept in multiple domains (e.g. in nature, society). An example of the assignment submission illustrating "cash flow waterfall" from Spring 2010 can be found below in the form of a YouTube video*.

* (optimized for viewing in Firefox, or click on the link [here])

Dr. Damnjanovic's research is about integrating different project components to analyze project life-cycle behavior from the systems perspective. This approach to project development and management allows for a holistic and enterprise-based project risk analysis, assessing the impact of a wide range of "danger" factors, as well as the market and engineering design opportunities. Chinese symbol for risk encompasses both of these concepts. Click [here] to find more about Dr. Damnjanovic's publications and projects.

Undergraduate students in engineering at Texas A&M University can apply for Engineering Project Management Certificate. The certificate is intended to help meet the requirements of industry by educating undergraduate engineering students to understand complex engineering projects, project organizations and project management methods.


  1. Submit your application to CE/TTI building 705-C. The application must be typed, and signed by your academic advisor. If there are any problems with your application, you will be contacted.
  2. Approximately one month before your graduation, you will receive an email asking you to submit the certificate worksheet. If you do not receive this email, contact me ASAP.
  3. After your graduation, an undergraduate coordinator from your department will mail you the certificate.

Check FAQ [here]