Kelly Brumbelow
Associate Professor
Water Resources Engineering


Assistant Department Head for

Undergraduate Programs

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001
Professional Engineer (Texas)

Areas of Expertise
Water resources planning and management; Security of water distribution systems; Decision support systems; Climate variability and climate change effects; Assessment of water resources policy.
Skype: kelly.brumbelow    

Room 140, Civil Engineering Bldg.
3136 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3136

Howler Monkey Weir, Texas A&M Soltis Center, San Isidro de P.B., Costa Rica, June 2013
(Weir built by Esther Buckwalter, Nathan Tourtellotte, and K. Brumbelow, Summer 2012, as part of Texas A&M Costa Rica REU)




Current Semester
CVEN 207 “Introduction to the Civil Engineering Profession”
CVEN 458 "Hydraulic Engineering"

Past Semesters (last semester taught)
CVEN 311 "Fluid Dynamics" (Fall 2012)
CVEN 339 "Water Resources Engineering" (Summer II 2014)
CVEN 463 "Engineering Hydrology" (Fall 2009)
CVEN 489/689 "Sustainable Systems in Civil Engineering" (Summer II 2006)
CVEN 627 "Engineering Surface Water Hydrology" (Spring 2006) 
CVEN 664 "Water Resources Engineering Planning and Management" (Fall 2014)

Undergraduate Advisement
My very esteemed colleague, Dr. Lee Lowery, has posted an incredible wealth of information for current and prospective students at Scroll to the bottom of the page for major headers; then, use Ctrl+F to find specific topics on following pages.


Almost any question you could have is answered at Dr. Lowery’s site. However, I maintain a (largely redundant) page of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers that I receive.


If you can not find an answer to a question, please contact us in the Undergraduate Student Services Office, Room 140 of the Civil Engineering Building, (979) 845-7436.


Research Activities
Virtual Cities: Micropolis
Virtual Cities: Mesopolis

Visual Basic Tutorial Files & Codes

Graduate Advisement
Dr. Tony Cahill is now the Graduate Advisor for the Water Resources Engineering program. He is happy to answer inquiries about graduate studies in WRE.

In my previous service in the position of WRE Graduate Advisor, I maintained the pages: Information on Water Resources Engineering Graduate Program, which I leave on-line. Most of the information there remains valid, but you should verify with Dr. Cahill.






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