CVEN 339 - "Water Resources Engineering"

Links to Other Websites


This page will list links to websites related to water resources engineering that you may find interesting.


Illustrations (pictures of various fittings, structures, etc.)
Gate Valve
Swing Check Valve
Butterfly Valve
Ball Valve
Globe Valve
Radial (or Centrifugal) Pump (this is a large pdf, but several nice pictures)
Several nice pump-related illustrations
Culvert entrance (projecting pipe)
Culvert entrance (mitered, but no headwall)
Culvert entrance (mitered with headwall)
Several box culvert photos (note the ones with "wingwalls")
Cavitation: Some of you have asked to see pictures of cavitation occurring.  It's a tough thing to get a good picture of because bubble formation and collapse happens on the order of thousandths of seconds.  Here are some links to page with still pictures and some movies:  A graduate student at University of Florida has some still pictures here.  A lab at a Japanese university has a movie available here.  Pictures and movies from another Japanese lab here.   

U.S. Federal Government Websites
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
     USACE Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC)  
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources Programs and Data  
       USGS stream gaging: Data collection process 
       Photo: Current meter suspended from a crane 
       Photo: Current meter on a handheld staff 
National Weather Service
National Climatic Data Center
Environmental Protection Agency 

Texas State Government Websites
TxDOT Hydraulics Design Manual

Units Conversion Websites
Digital Dutch


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