CVEN 463 - "Engineering Hydrology"


Course Syllabus

Determining watershed boundaries on topographic maps -- Handout
Example topographic maps -- PowerPoint
file (big file unfortunately, ~610 kb)

Movies of convective precip from USDA-ARS Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed: 1, 2, and 3

Pseudo-adiabatic Diagram

Map of Texas raingage locations (1383 shown here from NCDC records, not all currently active)

Radar estimates of 24-hr precipitation 9/12/03: Ppt file

TXDOT Hydraulics/Hydrology Manual
IDF Coefficients

HYDRO-35 Report

HMR-51 Report  {Other reports on precipitation frequency studies can be found at this National Weather Service page.}

Table of Evaporation Pan Correction Factors
Table of Saturated V.P., Delta, and Gamma Values

Tables of Infiltration model parameters

The NRCS methods are fully described in the report Technical Release 55 ("TR-55"), which you can download here.

NRCS Curvilinear Hydrograph is described here

Table of Time of Concentration formulae

Example of derivation of Muskingum parameters

Example of Reservoir Routing

Lab exercises for HEC-HMS

Past Exams
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    Midterm 2:
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Potential Closed-Book Questions for Midterm 1 

Potential Closed-Book Questions for Midterm 2