CVEN 463 - "Engineering Hydrology"


We owe a huge "Thanks!" to Mr. Burton L. Johnson, P.E., Planning Department Manager at the Harris County Flood Control District (and an Aggie Civil Engineer) for providing the hydrologic data for the class to use in this project and to Mr. Jacob P. Spenn, CFM, at HCFCD for processing and sending out the data files.

Below are files that everyone will want to download regardless of which watershed you are working with:

Project Guidelines
Basic GIS Procedures

General Data Files
Land Cover Data for Harris County  {Land Cover Legend (avl file) that I like to use -- Here it is as a zip file, if the avl won't download.}
of soils hydrologic data from SSURGO survey for Harris County
SSURGO shapefiles
for Harris County

ArcView Grid Projector Extension  (just the .avx file is here)
ArcView Projector! Extension for changing projections of shapefiles (zip file) (This may already be on your machine - check first)


The files below are specific to the individual watersheds being modeled by each group.  These are the (1) rainfall and streamflow data files and (2) the DEM data for each watershed.  Only download what you need.  Note they are password protected.  See Dr. Brumbelow for the password:

   1. BRAYS BAYOU            Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM                        

   2. ARMAND BAYOU        Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM                         

   3. SIMS BAYOU                Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM               

   4. CYPRESS CREEK         Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM            

   5. WILLOW CREEK          Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM                             

   6. WHITE OAK BAYOU   Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM

   7. GREENS BAYOU          Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM                    

   8. VINCE BAYOU             Rainfall/Streamflow    DEM




Important websites for data downloads:

USGS Seamless Data Viewer

National Map

NRCS Soils Data

City of Houston Public Works & Engineering GIS

Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project (TSARP)


Note: All information on this page is for the exclusive use of CVEN 463 students for a class project.  Files are password protected to prevent unauthorized use, which is prohibited.  Texas A&M University and the Harris County Flood Control District have not made this data available for public use, and no warranties of any kind are made on data obtained from this page and any subsequent analysis or products using this information.