CVEN 627 - "Engineering Surface Water Hydrology"

H O M E W O R K   &   M I N I - P R O J E C T S

                          Homework #1              Assigned 1/25/06                    Due 2/6/06                              Solution
                              Excel file to process data (HW1_Data.xls)
                              Raw data file - zipped (
                              Stations data file (725530770719stn.txt)
                              Data inventory file (725530770719inv.txt)
                              Explanation of NCDC data file formatting, etc. (soddoc.txt)

                             Homework #2              Assigned 2/6/06                      Due 2/13/06                            Solution
                              Excel file with explicit FD solution to Richards Equation (HW2_FD_Richards.xls)

                          Mini-Project #1            Assigned 2/13/06                    Due 2/27/06
                              Excel file with Thiessen polygon weighting coefficients (Thiessen_Coeffs.xls)
                              Excel file with Peoria, IL, soil moisture values, 1982-1999 (Peoria_SM.xls)

                           Homework #3             Assigned 4/6/06                      Due 4/17/06                           Solution