CVEN 664 "Water Resources Planning & Management"


Course Syllabus

Major River Basins of Texas
Major Aquifers of Texas

Example of Commercial Water Use Figures

Example of Mass Curve Analysis

Table of Yield Reduction Factors (KY)

Example of a FEMA floodplain map (FIRM)

The FIRM for an area near campus

Example of a Flood Damage Curve for planning

Turbine Data for Buford Dam, GA

Examples of tradeoff surfaces from an ongoing research project: (1) Individual points on surface; (2) Interpolated surface; (3) Analysis produced by simulation

Some climate diagnostics and trends:  ENSO, PDO,  Precipitation Trends at New Braunfels, TX, 1900-2002, Precipitation Anomalies in Georgia, 1895-1999, Crop yields at Bungoma, Kenya, and ENSO conditions


Case Study Project Guidelines
                   Group assignments for the case study project (password protected)

Emergent Issue Project/Paper Guidelines
Group assignments for the emergent issue project (password protected)

Oral Midterm Exam Guidelines




Study Questions #1

Study Questions #2

Study Questions #3

Study Questions #4

Study Questions #5


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Readings Packet for Fall 2013 Midterm (password protected)