CVEN 664 "Water Resources Planning & Management"


Initial Case Studies (all files password protected):
Tamina Community, Texas
Tucson Proposition 200
Georgia HB 1281
Devil's Lake, North Dakota
Catawba-Wateree Basin
Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study

More Case Studies (all files password protected):
Bala Falls Small Hydro Project
Turkey Point Nuclear Plant
Vermont Flood Management: Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Allen, R.G., et al. Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 56.

Georgakakos, A.P., et al. 1997. Control model for hydroelectric energy-value optimization. J. Water Resour. Plng. and Mgmt., 123(1), 30-38.

Instream flows/ecology reading assignment: The Science of Instream Flows: A Review of the Texas Instream Flow Program online book

The following 2 papers are optional readings for the instream flows/ecology section of the course:
Estes, C.C., and J.F. Orsborn. 1986. Review and analysis of methods…
Nestler, J., et al. 1993. RCHARC: A new method…


Sanders, L.D., et al. 1991. Comparable estimates of the recreational value of rivers. Water Resour. Res., 27(7), 1387-1394.

Ward, F.A., et al. 1996. The economic value of water in recreation: Evidence from the California drought. Water Resour. Res., 32(4), 1075-1082.

Wurbs, R. 1995. Water rights in Texas. J. Water Resour. Plng. and Mgmt., 121(6), 447-454.

State Water Resources Planning in the United States, ASCE Report, 2006

Binational issues in Rio Grande/Rio Bravo, Schmandt 2002

Brumbelow & Georgakakos, 2005, Consideration of Climate Variability and Change...

Water: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, 2000

Palmer Drought Severity Index - Original Technical Report (split into 5 pdf's):
     part 1
     part 2
     part 3

Current PDSI values for Texas and the US