CVEN 489/689 
"Sustainable Systems in Civil Engineering"


Listed below are links to the course readings as given in the syllabus.  Some readings are scanned as Acrobat (pdf) files; these are password protected, and you may get the password from Dr. Brumbelow.  Other readings are available through  the TAMU Libraries electronic journals collection.  The links will take you to the on-line journals from which you may download the articles.  You should do this from a university computer so that the TAMU Library's subscription will be recognized.

July 6: Hardin 1968

July 7: Daly 1992 and Costanza 1992

July 10: McCuen 2003 (Issue Table of Contents, look about 3/4 of the way down the page)

July 12: Solow 1991

July 13: Georgescu-Roegen 1971

July 17: Engel 1991

July 18: Leopold 1949, Lubchenco 1998, ASCE Code of Ethics

July 19: Huesemann 2003 (Issue TOC), Cywinski 2001 (Issue TOC)

July 24: Tanzil et al. 2003, Baetz and Korol 1995 (Issue TOC)

July 25: Venetoulis et al. 2005, (Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz here), Loucks 1994

July 26: Solano et al. 2002 (Issue TOC) -- Read both parts I and II

July 27: Jeon and Amekudzi 2005 (Issue TOC), Kitou and Horvath 2006 (Issue TOC)

July 28: Hendrickson and Horvath 2000 (Issue TOC), Keoleian et al. 2005 (Issue TOC)

July 31: U.S. Green Building Council, LEED-NC, LEED-EB

August 1: Palmieri et al. Volume I and Volume II, RESCON Analysis Spreadsheet

August 3: Thornton 2002 -- Chapter 2, Chapter 4, and Section 18.6

August 4: Goldstein and Huber-Lee 2004