Dr. Kelly Brumbelow, Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor for Water Resources Engineering
E-mail: kbrumbelow@civil.tamu.edu

Before you e-mail me to ask about the graduate program in Water Resources Engineering, please look over the following pieces of advice and requests:

  1. Please do not send mass e-mails to anyone.  Every university wants to admit and fund graduate students who have sincere desires and interests to be at that school working with specific faculty.  It is appropriate to initiate that process with a personal e-mail written to a specific professor.  I do not respond to any message that appears to be a mass e-mail.    

  2. Please read the web pages that provide information about our program before you contact me.  I am happy to answer questions, but you may already have an answer available through these pages.

  3. Please do not ask if you will be admitted or offered funding based on your resume attached to an e-mail.  Admission and funding decisions are only made based upon complete applications that have been submitted to the university.  A complete application includes transcripts, letters of reference, and a statement of purpose, among other items, and we need to see all these things before we can make a decision.

  4. If you are interested in working with me (or any other professor you contact) on research, please say why you are interested in doing so.  There are many people who work in my field of research; why do you want to work with me and not others? 

If you have more than a simple one or two questions, please consider scheduling a conversation with me by telephone, Skype, or Tokbox.  It is usually much easier and more efficient to answer most inquiries this way.  I'm happy to call persons in the U.S. by phone, and can call anyone via Skype and Tokbox no matter where you are.  Send an e-mail with your available times over the next week and your time zone, and I'll respond with an appointment time.