The Graduate Program in
Water Resources Engineering at
Texas A&M University

Flowchart for Ph.D. Students                                             (Best viewed with MS Internet Explorer)

Given below is an attempt to simplify the sequence of paperwork (both paper and on-line), decisions, discussions, etc., that a typical Ph.D. student will need to complete in the course of her/his Ph.D. program in WRE.  Please understand that this chart is a good-faith effort to aggregate several information sources, but is not an official statement of academic procedures.  Students are wholly responsible for verifying all items and deadlines herein. 

All deadlines given are preferred dates well in advance of official deadlines (i.e., these dates give a student some "breathing room" in case of errors or delays).  Deadlines are color-coded.  Deadlines in blue are relative to the beginning of classes in a student's first semester of graduate school (e.g., August 31, for Fall term 2009).  Deadlines in green are relative to the date of a student's Preliminary Exam (the defense of the dissertation proposal in the WRE program), which is typically in the second or third year of Ph.D. studies.  Deadlines in red are relative to a student's desired date of graduation (e.g., May 14, for Spring term 2010).

Ph.D. programs are, by necessity, very individualized.  Students must expect to exercise significant adaptability, initiative, and patience in order to be successful.  Most milestones in the Ph.D. program after the first semester are reached when a student has exhibited significant self-driven accomplishment, not when residency requirements have been fulfilled.

All hard-copy paperwork should be submitted to the CVEN Graduate Services Office.

Please note that the following common issues are not included in this flowchart:
     Leveling courses required prior to beginning of degree plan courses
     Failure to maintain Good academic standing
     Deadlines for financial issues
     Visa and immigration issues
Students should consult their advisors or the appropriate campus office on these matters.


 Text Box: Acceptance through First Year


 Text Box: Contact Advisor and decide on 1st Semester Classes
Upon receiving Advisor assignment
Text Box: Contact a specific professor with whom you wish to conduct research and ask them to be your Advisor
Contact Dr. Brumbelow to be assigned an Advisor
Upon deciding to attend TAMU





Text Box: Register for 1st Semester Classes
Assigned registration time 
(check Howdy system)
Text Box: Attend CVEN 
Graduate Orientation
Friday before classes start


Text Box: Research

Text Box: Take 1st Semester Classes
Text Box: Perform research tasks assigned by advisor
Meet with prospective advisors and discuss potential projects

Text Box: Discuss scheduling and content of Qualifying Exam with Dr. Brumbelow
About 7th week of First Semester

Text Box: Take Qualifying Exam
Between First and Second Semesters (1st Attempt) 
-OR-    Six Months after 1st Attempt
Text Box: Formally decide on Advisor and obtain his/her consent 
(if not done previously)
By middle of 2nd Semester


Diamond: Outcome of Qualifying Exam

Text Box: Discuss with Advisor and Decide on Advisory Committee Members; 
Obtain their Consent
By end of 2nd Semester

Oval: Student may not continue in Ph.D. program

Text Box: Include conditions in Degree Plan formulation
Work on fulfilling non-course conditions

Text Box: Consider course selections that support research goals

Text Box: Discuss degree plan with Advisor;
File degree plan using 
Online Submission System
By beginning of Third Semester
At least 90 days before Preliminary Exam



Text Box: Intermediate Semesters

Text Box: Research

Text Box: Register for and take classes as outlined on degree plan
Text Box: Working with Advisor and Committee Members, 
formulate Dissertation Proposal


Text Box: Take all coursework except at most 6 hours (e.g., if degree plan includes 24 hrs of courses, be in process of completing 18th hr of course credit)
Semester in which Preliminary Exam 
(Proposal Defense) occurs

Text Box: Complete Preliminary Exam Checklist and have Advisor sign 
(Page 1 at this link)
Semester in which Preliminary Exam 
(Proposal Defense) occurs

Text Box: Distribute Dissertation Proposal to Committee Members; 
Schedule Preliminary Exam
At least 2 weeks before Preliminary Exam

Text Box: Take Preliminary Exam (Dissertation Proposal Defense);
Submit Report of the Preliminary Exam
Within 10 days of Preliminary Exam
At least 14 weeks before Final Exam (Dissertation Defense)

Text Box: Submit Dissertation Proposal with OGS Title Page signed by Committee
Within 10 days of Preliminary Exam

Text Box: Complete any remaining coursework
Semester after Preliminary Exam 
(Proposal Defense)

Text Box: Conduct dissertation research

Text Box: Graduating Semester

Text Box: File Degree Application on Howdy system and 
Pay Graduation Fee
By 1st day of class


Text Box: Yes

Text Box: File "Petition for Course Change" (download here)
By 2nd week of semester

Text Box: No


Text Box: Yes

Text Box: File "Petition for Change of Committee" (download here)
By 2nd week of semester

Text Box: No

Text Box: Contact Advisory Committee members to schedule 
Dissertation Defense (a.k.a. Final Examination); 
File "Request and Announcement of the Final Examination" 
(download here)
By 3rd week of semester 
(MUST be filed at least 2 weeks before date of Dissertation Defense)

Text Box: Dissertation Defense (Final Examination)
By 7th week of semester
(VERIFY with OGS for your term)

Text Box: File "Report of the Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree" (Your Advisor will receive this form directly from OGS)
Within 10 working days of Dissertation Defense

Text Box: Complete Committee-required Dissertation edits

Text Box: Submit "Written Dissertation Approval Form" (download here) and PDF file of Thesis to TAMU Thesis Office
By 8th week of semester
(VERIFY with Thesis Office for your term)

Text Box: Complete Thesis Office-required Dissertation edits and submit final PDF 
By 12th week of semester
(VERIFY with Thesis Office for your term)



Text Box: Arrange for cap & gown, etc., at  
By 8th week of semester



Text Box: Graduation.  Congratulations!
Now, go forth and do great things!