Mesopolis: A "Medium-sized" Virtual City for Infrastructure Research Applications

"Aerial views" of Mesopolis from the SW (left) and NW (right). 
Larger versions of each image can be seen by clicking on them.

Mesopolis is the second virtual city produced for infrastructure research applications.  It is a much larger city than Micropolis and includes significantly more complex features.  The city population is approximately 140,000, and the areal extent of the urban area is roughly 60 square miles.

Mesopolis version 1 is now available

Downloads available:   Basic GIS files (compressed as a zip file)
                                   EPANet model (includes backdrop image, compressed as a zip file)

This white paper on the development of Mesopolis outlines the basic idea behind the virtual city and how it was put together.

This document is a procedural write-up on the details of coordinating GIS and hydraulic model files, etc.  It is continually updated.



Parts of the work presented on this page have been produced with the support of the National Science Foundation (Infrastructure Management and Hazards Response Program) under Grant No. CMS-0600448.