Visual Basic Tutorial Files
Tutorial files as discussed Wednesday, 3/10/04 (packaged as a zip file)

EPANet Example



Visual Basic Codes
Code module for matrix operations - modMatrix.bas.  Includes addition, multiplication, transposition, inversion, negation (i.e., multiply by -1), copying, and square root.

Code module for a miscellany of operations - modVBUtility.bas.  Includes sleep, Julian day and inverse Julian day, boolean FileExists, changing double quotes to single quotes, boolean IsTime, state postal abbreviations, boolean IsEven (i.e., multiple of 2), linear interpolation, convert integers to double letter values (useful in Excel macros for column headers), boolean IsInteger, number of days in the month, 3 algorithms to sort arrays of numbers, inverse cosine (arccosine), white noise generator (normally distributed random variate), and gamma distributed random variate.