CVEN 679  Experimental Fluid Mechanics Modeling
Fall 2018, TR 3:55 - 5:10, HEB 137

Course Description (from Graduate Catalog):  Dimensional analysis; modeling laws; measurement techniques and instrumentation; experimental control and data acquisition; sampling theory and signal processing; applications to coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering models.

Prerequisite:  Approval of instructor

Instructor:  Kuang-An Chang
                    Office: DLEB 304B
                    Tel: (979) 845-4504

Office Hours:  By appointment via email (refer to my weekly schedule for best time to meet)

1. Physical Models and Laboratory Techniques in Coastal Engineering, Steven A. Hughes, World Scientific, 1993
2. Fluid Mechanics Measurements, 2nd Edition, Richard J. Goldstein (Ed.), Taylor & Francis, 1996
3. Random Data - Analysis and Measurement Procedures, 2nd Edition, Julius S. Bendat and Allan G. Piersol, Wiley-Interscience, 1986
4. An Album of Fluid Motion, Milton Van Dyke, Parabolic Press, 1982
5. Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics, 2nd Edition, Homsy et al., Cambridge University Press, 2008
6. Particle Image Velocimetry: A practical guide, by M. Raffel, C.E. Willert, S.T. Wereley, and J. Kompenhans, Springer 2007
7. LabVIEW Tutorial

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