OCEN 410  Ocean Engineering Laboratory
Spring 2021
Lecture:  M 2:55-3:45, Remote Only
Lab:  F 9:50-11:50 BLOC 117 or F 2:55-4:55 CHEN 104, or HEB 005

Course Description: 

Fundamental techniques and instrumentation for field and laboratory measurements pertaining to ocean engineering experiment planning; data analysis and data presentation; written reports describing planning, analysis and results of experiments.  OCEN 410 is a W course.


OCEN 400, OCEN 402, OCEN 403; junior or senior classification


Kuang-An Chang
Office: DLEB 304B
Tel.: (979) 845-4504
Email: kchang@tamu.edu

Office Hours:  M 4:00-5:00, W 9:30-10:30; or by appointment via email (refer to my weekly schedule for best time to meet)

Technical Writing Instructor:   

Caleb Mullins
Office: HEB 106
Tel.: (979) 458-5480
Email: mullberries89@tamu.edu

Office Hours: R 11:00-1:00; or by appointment via email


Jitae Do
Office: DLEB 310G
Email: jitaedo@tamu.edu
Office Hours: TR 11:00-1:00; or by appointment via email

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