OCEN 681  Ocean Engineering Seminar
Spring 2015, Thursday 4:30 - 5:30,  Room 419 Civil Engineering Laboratory Building

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/22 Kuang-An Chang TAMU Welcome and Introduction
1/29 Byoungjoon Na TAMU Experimental Study on Plunging Breaking Waves in Deep Water
2/5 Wonhyun Lee TAMU Parameterization of Maximum Wave Heights in Coastal regions due to Hurricane
Ying-Po Liao  TAMU Numerical model investigation of wind wave generation for the Gulf region
2/12 Inok Jun TAMU Modeling the fate of rising hydrocarbon bubbles released in deep ocean
  Han Sang Kim TAMU Numerical Analysis of Sediment Transport in Open Channel Flows
2/19 Wei-Liang Chuang TAMU Experimental Modeling of Breaking Wave Impingement on a Tension-Leg Platform
2/26 Qian Liao  U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Near Surface Structures of Turbulence and Gas Transfer Across the Air-Water Interface under Non-breaking Waves
3/5 Chris Lai TAMU Fluid turbulence in multiphase buoyant plumes 
3/12 Binbin Wang TAMU Deep-sea exploration of natural gas seeps in northern Gulf of Mexico
3/19 Spring Break - No seminar
3/26 Marc Perlin University of Michigan Passive and active Super-Hydrophobic surfaces for Drag Reduction
4/2 Nobuhito Mori Kyoto University, Japan Projection of climate change impact on coastal environment
4/9 Amitava Guha TAMU A Frequency Domain Tool for Estimation of Hydrodynamics Forces and Motion of Ships with Steady Forward Speed
  Abhilash Sharma TAMU Development of Ship/Platform Motion Simulation Tool
4/16 Hakun Jang TAMU Coupled dynamics analysis for multi-unit floating offshore wind turbine in maximum operational and survival conditions
HyoungChul Kim TAMU Couple dynamics analysis of a Mufowt with transient broken-blade incident
4/23 Robert Randall TAMU 2014 Haynes Laboratory Projects
4/30 Billy Edge North Carolina State University Applications of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics on GPUs for Marine Hydrokinetic Energy (MHK) Devices