Dr. Kung-Hui (Bella) Chu

          Associate Professor   
Division Head, Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

CE/TTI 402A,   


Welcome to Chu Lab


Our lab is interested in application and development of biotechnologies to address various environmental challenges in water, soils, and energy.  Our current research themes on microbial-mediated environmental processes include (i) biodegradation of emerging contaminants, (ii) bioremediation of persistent organics, (iii) challenges related to water reuse and recycle, and (iv) production of bioenergy.  Our research interests also include areas in biosensing and molecular tools for detecting, tracking, and quantifying microorganisms that are important to water quality, bioremediation, and carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycle in the environment.

        Our lab is constantly looking for motivated and talented graduate students and Postdoc.  Experiences in molecular techniques, metagenomics/transcriptomics, and/or bioinformatics is highly desired for Postdoc.  For consideration, please e-mail your resume to Dr. Chu (kchu@civil.tamu.edu), with the subject line as "Ph.D. application <your name>", "M.S. applicant <your name>", or "Postdoc applicant <your name>".   Note that we are unable to response to all the requests and graduate students have to be admitted to TAMU for further consideration.