I am passionate that students fully master both knowledge and skills of any course I teach. My expectations are high (so be ready to work!), but I will provide the support to help you achieve those goals. See the Teaching page for more details on my philosophy and access to my teaching portfolio.

I specialize in structural engineering and I teach a wide range of courses from freshman through Ph.D. Level. Courses being taught Fall 2016:

  • CVEN 669 - Design of Structures for Hazardous Environmental Loads



My research is broadly divided into structural engineering topics and research in engineering education. Additional information is available on the Research page, but general areas include:

  • Engineering Education: Active learning and project-enhanced learning, high-impact learning activities
  • Structural Engineering : Structural Control, Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, Probabilistic Hazard Analysis, Structural Health Monitoring, Historic Preservation


Welcome to my web-site! I hope you find the site helpful in learning a bit about me and what I do.

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