Study Abroad

In a global economy, it is important for TAMU students to be able to interact with colleagues from other cultures and speaking other languages. Participating in a study abroad experience, a high-impact educational practice, can be a wonderful way to meet those goal as well as be a life-changing experience. And research has shown that programs of at least six weeks in duration can be enormously successful in producing important academic, inter- and intra-personal, career, and intercultural development outcomes. I have participated/led programs in;

  • Brazil
  • Spain

While this experience may not fit withing your educational and professional goals, you should at least consider the possibility. Current study-abroad programs within the department are hilghlithed below, but you should check the individual project web-sites for current and more detailed information.:


  • Location: Toledo and Ciudad Real, Spain
    • These cities are located in Castilla-La Mancha, an autonomous region in Spain situated in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Program leads - Dr. Paco Olivera and Dr. Joe Bracci
  • Courses: 3 Engineering tracks - with 2 tracks in civil engineering.
    • Track A: CVEN 444 and CVEN 483
    • Track B: CVEN 339 and CVEN 423


  • Location: Padova, Italy
    • Padova is a walled city situated along the Bacchiglione River, between Verona and Venice. Padova, commonly known in English as Padua, is the home of the University of Padua. The University is nearly 800 years old and was home to many famous lecturers such as Galileo Galilei. The city is also the seƫng for much of Shakespeare’s work The Taming ofthe Shrew. Situated between Venice, Vicen‐ za, and Verona, Padova is perfectly located for travel across Italy.
  • Program lead - Dr. Giovanna Biscontin
  • Courses: Junior level courses - CVEN 302 and CVEN 365