Undergraduate Students: Pre-Registration

Each semester the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering blocks their students from preregistration. OCEN students are not blocked and are not required to attend CVEN meetings. Seniors (U4 >= 90 hours) and Co-op students who are working in industry THIS SEMESTER are exempt from these meetings and are not blocked. Email D'Anne Crain to get unblocked if you are blocked and should not be. Seniors are welcome to attend these meetings if they need help with their schedule. All CVEN freshmen (U1), sophomore (U2), juniors (U3), and second degree students (U5) are required to complete the steps described below.

Requirements to be Unblocked

The general departmental requirements to be unblocked from registration are:

  1. Attend one of the following preregistration meetings,typically coordinated by Dr. Lowery. You will receive an email from the department with this information - make sure and actually read it!
  2. You will be given a preregistration packet for your catalog at the meeting. Please determine which catalog you are in before you come to the meeting by checking here.
  3. Fill in the curriculum planning sheet and flowchart found in your packet with the courses you intend to take. You can determine your required classes by checking the course flowchart for your catalog. If you are ready for your technical electives, they are listed at online on the departmental site for current students - brownse down to the Technical Elective Plans for your catalog
  4. After the meeting, take the packet to your permanent advisor, NOT to the Student Services Office, for approval and signature. You can find out who your advisor is by checking at the advisor list posted online. If you cannot find your name on this list, you can contact the undergraduate office.
  5. Finally, take your signed curriculum planning sheet to room 140 of the CE Building to get unblocked for preregistration.

For my Advisees:

If you are one of my undergraduate advisees - Great! I'm the person you need to see for step 4 above. While every advisor is different, here is the information I need from you:

  • Scheduling an appointment: You must email me your availability schedule for at least one week. I’ll then do my best to fit your schedule with mine so that we can meet. If you leave it to the last minute, I may not be able to meet with you, and you may end up missing your registration period – it is your responsibility to make arrangements early!
  • Materials to bring;
    • Tentative schedule for the next two semesters on the Curriculum Planning Worksheet (form I need to sign)
    • Completed flowchart for your degree plan:
      • place the grade you received inside the course inside the boxes.
      • Place solid circles inside the boxes of the courses you are taking now.
      • Place open/unfilled circles inside boxes of the courses you plan to take next semester.
    • Bring a copy of your degree audit/transcript (available at howdy.tamu.edu). I need to be able to see the grades you received in your courses.
    • Questions and future plans!

Some general advice in planning your curriculum;

  • Carefully check the pre-requisites! The flowchart cannot show you pre-requisite arrows for the courses in the technical elective blocks, as those courses vary depending on concentration area. It is YOUR responsibility to check that you have the pre-requisites before registering. I frequently see students in CVEN 444-Concrete design without the co-requisite of CVEN 343/342.
  • Try not to take two lab courses together - they block-out large blocks of time due to labs
    • CVEN 342 and CVEN 365 - physical labs
    • CVEN 424 and ENGR 482 - writting intensive labs
  • Take design intensive courses in alternate semesters if possible - this definitely requires advanced planning on your part!
    • Ex: CVEN 446 (Steel) and CVEN 444 (Concrete)
  • Capstone (CVEN 400 for most)
    • Take at END of your program - this will be a major design effort designed to build upon all your prior courses and experiences.
    • Have taken: CVEN 365, CVEN 339, and at least one of CVEN 446/CVEN 444;