If you are a Civil Engineering graduate from TAMU and would like access to this information please email the following to Lowery@tamu.edu:

Your name

Your student ID or date of graduation from TAMU

Subject line: Please tell me where we moved our jobs information

Please note this information is indeed yours, forever.  But we change the location from time to time after students from other schools stumble across it.  I usually find that out when some Aggie posting a job for their company emails me back and says they received more Rice/t.u. replies to their posting than from us.  See comments below. 


From: Joe
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2016 4:16 PM
To: Lowery@tamu.edu
Subject: Please add me to your jobs listserv

Hello Dr. Lowery, 
I am a current grad student and am graduating this semester. I would like to be added to the job listserv, so I can get emails regarding job opportunities even after I graduate. 




Actually, the listserv is maintained by the university and includes all of our current students in the CE Department.  Thus as a C.E. student you are already on it and get everything I send out in that manner.  I also list everything that comes in at http://lowery.tamu.edu/joboffers2012.htm/, or whatever the current address is.  That way they are available to you after you graduate.   All you need is the current address.

So in the future just go to the latest address.  Everything we have will be listed there.  Twenty years from now if you go there and itís gone, you will know that too many outsiders got into it and I had to move it.  Then all you do is email me at Lowery@tamu.edu and ask for the current address for the jobs list and I will be more than happy to tell you where we moved it.

Kind of inconvenient, but that's the only way we have of letting you in, and keeping Rice and t.u. out. 

Good luck,


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