Office: Dwight Look Office Building (the old 8 story building over what used to be pr2), Room 705E: Take the elevator to the 7th floor, exit and turn right down the hall.  Then enter the first door on your left and turn right. Proceed down that hall past the refrigerator, turn right around the corner on down the hall to room 705E, on the left.  See map to get to my office.

Office Phone:   979-845-4395
Home Phone:   979-775-5401

e-mail:     Lowery@tamu.edu
Web site: http://Lowery.tamu.edu

Click here for directions on campus to my building, and here for a D.L.O.B. 7th floor map to my office, and here for parking.

Office hours are cancelled on days before major exams so that I can get the exams made out and run off.

To make an out-of-office-hours appointment, call me or just drop by.  Email barely works due to the volume of traffic blown out by spammers disguised as University email, miracle cures for dropping 20 pounds in 2 days, (wait, let me see that again?) ...

 Note that although I try to be here during these hours, I get called out to unannounced meetings, to fix something in one of our classrooms, things like that.  You are always welcome to drop by at any time during office hours, but you should always give me a call before you come by, to make sure I am actually here, even if you have made an appointment.  That way I'll know you're on your way.  You are always welcome to drop by even without calling if you are already in the area and won't be inconvenienced if I've been hauled off somewhere, but your only guarantee of finding me here even with an appointment is to call first so I can tell the next caller that I can't leave right now to solve their problem, since you are on your way over to fix yours.

Note that on a day or two before your exams I will be somewhere other than my office, making out the exams, and unavailable.  See the T.A. or get help before then.


Planned office hours:

MWF 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
TR 12:45 pm to 2:10 pm

I will try and be in my office - call me at 979-845-4395 and we can set up a zoom conference.  If you just want to discuss homework of something like that, and you don't mind other people coming in with us we sill use meeting ID 969-311-1276.  If it is personal, I will give you the ID number when you call (things like your grade on quia A, etc.)

My class teaching hours (portal to portal):  

MWF 11:00 am to 12:50 pm - CVEN 322
TR       3:25 pm to 5:30 pm - CVEN 345

Current Commitments: I know I will be out of the office on the following dates/times +/- 30 min, leave early, and get back late:


Other common meetings/commitments

Often I get calls and I'm called out immediately to a meeting or graduate oral exam or whatever the current emergency is so you should call first and make sure I'm here.    979-845-4395