If you wish to graduate with a Structures Option, see the following presentation.  It is critical that you get certain classes out of the way early in your career or you may run out of time and have to remain with the General option.  Contact Dr. Joe Bracci for help in scheduling, Bracci@civil.tamu.edu.

Similar considerations can arise with the environmental option.  Contact Dr. Kung-Hui Chu for assistance: kchu@civil.tamu.edu.

Other course coordinators (2015? Needs updating):

Option Plan Coordinators and Contact Information

General Brumbelow, Kelly CE 140 845-1967 kbrumbelow@civil.tamu.edu
Construction/Engineering Management Walewski, John CE/TTI 705G 862-5673 jwalewski@civil.tamu.edu
Coastal and Ocean Socolofsky, Scott CE/TTI 801 862-3627 socolofs@tamu.edu
Environmental Chu, Kung-Hui (Bella) WERC 205-G 845-1403 kchu@civil.tamu.edu
Geotechnical Aubeny, Charles CE/TTI 808W  845-4478 c-aubeny@tamu.edu
Structural Jones, Harry L. CE/TTI 701 845-4304 h-jones@tamu.edu
Transportation Hawkins, Gene CE/TTI 301C  845-9946 gene-h@tamu.edu
Water Resources  Brumbelow, Kelly WERC, 205-L 458-2678 kbrumbelow@civil.tamu.edu

See the above people if you wish to substitute any courses for those normally required by your option plan.