If you are interested in working for the CE Department, I would consider sending your information to the faculty if you can convince me you have something in which they might be interested.  You are welcome to cut and paste the following information and email it to me at Lowery@tamu.edu with an attached copy of your resume, for their consideration. 

Just a note - often the department cannot hire our own students because you would be dealing with information about your fellow students.  However, you see what kind of information we need, so you might try sending a similar email to other departments like MEEN, HIST, POLS, etc.  You will find a complete list of departments in the university at http://www.tamu.edu/about/departments.html.  Just click on them and send a short request for consideration to the Associate Department Head.  Also see https://jobsforaggies.tamu.edu/. 

We have hired quite a few economics and business majors, so they are probably happy to return the favor.

A last note: The information you give will be posted on a non-secure server, and should be considered open to the public.  Don't put anything on there that you care about, just enough to let someone tell if you are qualified, and interested, and to get back with you.

Good luck,



To: Civil Engineering Faculty
Subject: Interest in a student worker position

Howdy all:

I have a student who asked that I forward their interest in employment with the department to you.  Their information is listed below, along with their resume should you be interested.  Feel free to contact them directly if you like.






Email address: 

Telephone number:  

Web page:                         

Classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.):    

Number of hours taken at A&M:

Semesters until graduation:

Graduate student or Undergraduate student: 


Type of work sought: (for example "any", office, research assistant, lab work, other):           

If you don't care to do certain kinds of work like general office duties or research or whatever, so state:    

Desired Field: (any, environmental, structural, etc.):  

What classes have you taken that would be useful in your employment:   

What skills do you have that would be useful in your employment (have you worked with concrete, surveying, constructed web pages, computer programming, Excel, Word, etc.):   

Other experience that you would like to have considered:    

Anything else you would like to tell them that might impress them:   

Please attach your resume to this email.