CVEN 221 - Statics Class - 2010a

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01-19-10 View Class 1
Class 1 Forces as vectors.  Breaking forces into components. Adding vectors. Vector notation. Finding resultants for multiple vectors. 1-37
01-21-10 View Class 2
Class 2 Addition of 3-D force systems, direction cosines of 3-D forces, unit vectors along axes and forces, position vectors from origin to a point, position vectors from point to point, how to specify a force passing through two points in space. 38-68
01-26-10 View Class 3
Class 3 Equations of equilibrium, springs, pulleys, construction of free bodies, example problems. 69-95
01-28-10 View Class 4
Class 4 Geometry problems with a little statics thrown in.  2-D vs. 3-D problems.  Example 3-D problems. 96-107
02-02-10 View Class 5
Fire alarm at 4 minutes
Class 5 Moments, 2-D and 3-D.  Moment vectors.  Moment resultants.  Vector operations. 108-124
02-04-10 View Class 6
Class 6 Moments about a point - r cross F.  Moments about an axis through a point - u dot r cross F.  2-D and 3-D examples. 124-145
02-09-10 View Class 7
Class 7 Moments of couples, examples, simplification of forces and moments, reduction of distributed loads into a single load at a point, example.
Practice with finding moment of a force about an arbitrary axis.
Determination of load under an area and location of the centroid of a distributed load.
Replacing concentrated loads with their equivalent single force and a moment about a point.
2-11-20 View Class 8
Class 8 Determination of centroids of lines, areas, weights, masses, volumes. 447-471
2-16-10 View Class 9
Class 9 Example problems - centroids of lines, areas, masses, theorems of Pappus and Guldinus (rotating lines abut an axis to get a surface area, rotating an area about an axis to get a volume), pressure forces on surface areas. 472-498
2-18-10 View Class 10
Class 10 Moments of inertia using direct integration 499-516
2-23-10 View Class 11
Class 11 More cases of moment of inertia by direct integration.  Moments of inertia of composite shapes. 517-522
2-25-10 View Class 12
Class 12 Equilibrium in three dimensions, supports and reactions, use of geometry in some examples, how to place forces normal to surfaces upon which they act, example problems, concentrated moments on beams. 199-223
3-2-10 View Class 13
Microphone battery died at 1:28:30 into the lecture
Class 13 Equilibrium of 2-D beams and frames 214-236
3-4-10 View Class 14
Class 14 Two-force members vs. Three-force members.  Solution of forces on frames.  
3-9-10 View Class 15
Class 15 Forces in trusses by method of joints.  Zero-force members in trusses.   
3-11-10 View Class 16
Class 16 Forces in 3-D structures.  Zero-force members.  
3-23-10 View Class 17
Class 17 Forces in 3-D trusses, forces in 2-D trusses.  
3-25-10 View Class 18
Class 18 Problem 6-30,  Forces in frames.  
3-30-10 View Class 19
Class 19 Frames, pulleys, beams  
4-1-10 View Class 20
Class 20 Internal member forces by equilibrium.  Three-dimensional member forces.  
4-6-10 View Class 21
Class 21 Equations for shear and moment in structures.

Quiz B

4-8-10 View Class 22
Class 22 Shear and moment diagrams  
4-13-10 View Class 23
Class 23 Shear and moment diagrams  
4-15-10 View Class 24
Class 24 Shear and moment diagrams  
4-20-10 View Class 25
Class 25 Cables  
4-22-10 View Class 26
Class 26 Friction  
4-27-10 View Class 27
Class 27 Wedges, Screw Jacks, Belt Friction  
4-29-10 Pop Quiz Reviews Class 28 Pop Quiz Reviews for Final Exam  
  Final Exam      

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