Dr. Lowery:


I hope you are doing great. I am graduate student in the civil engineering department.  I would like to know if there are any teaching assistant or tutoring or grading positions available with you.  I am very good at both engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of materials, so I think I would be able to help out students better with those classes. 

If you have any positions available, I would like to apply for the position and prove to be a successful candidate.  Please find my attached resume.  Can I meet with you and discuss it?  Can you suggest a suitable time when I can meet you in person to discuss more about the position.  I look forward to your reply.







Years ago, the professors did have some input into who was hired for TA and grader positions, but no longer.  In most cases I think they are offered to graduate students from other universities that we are trying uproot to come continue their studies at A&M.  You might go talk with some of the current TA's who work in the old pi R square room on the first floor of DLOB and ask how they got hired.


Good luck,