General information on getting a job

General Advice

  1. Getting a job
    1. On a personal level
      1. A list of Civil Engineering job opportunities sent to the CE Department (TAMU students only)
      2. A list of companies who have hired our graduates in the past (TAMU students only)
      3. Career Center Events - Important that you make use of this
      4. Can I list you as a reference?
      5. Would you please write me a letter of recommendation?
      6. I am interested in finding a co-op position.  How do I get started?
      7. I am interested in offering a co-op position.  (Please email me at
      8. My company is interested in getting in touch with your students regarding employment.
      9. I am interested in finding an internship.  How do I get started? 
        1. Career Center Information  
        2. Civil Engineering Department Internship List 
        3. ENGR 484 International Internship information
        4. Suggestions to a recent student asking for help on finding an internship
      10.  We are a company interested in offering internships to students.
      11. I am interested in working as a teaching assistant, or tutor, or grader
      12. I am a student interested in working for the Civil Engineering Department
      13. I was one of your students back in 1992, and am interested in coming back to teach.
      14. I went to A&M back in 2012 and now need a reference for a security clearance.  Can I use you as a reference?
    1. What is the current job market looking like for Civil Engineering? (This is VERY out of date.  The market is currently booming,  Still, you might as well see how bad it could get if you vote for the wrong people.)
    2. Personal suggestions to a student graduating now.  Posting your resume online.
    3. Personal suggestions to a student who graduated 2 years ago
    4. Personal suggestions to an international student.   And here.
    5. TAMU Career Center information on how to get a job
    6. Job-seeking tips for graduates   (Cached here)
    7. Jobweb - career and job-search advice from the National Association of Colleges and Employers
    8. Another excellent Job Search Tips tutorial
    9. Miscellaneous feedback from employers
  2. Your resume
    1. Advice on how to write and post a public resume
    2. More advice on writing your resume - from a commercial outfit.  Very good.
    3. Words not to use in your resume
    4. Advice on writing your resume and interviewing for a Job - see page 5 especially (from The Battalion - Spring 2004)
    5. How to write a professional engineering resume (Google search)
  3. Interviewing
    1. 50 job interview questions, why they are asked, and how you should answer
    2. More interview questions and suggested responses
    3. 10 biggest job interview blunders
    4. And here, and here, and here, and here, ...
    5. Preparing for the interview
  4. Important miscellaneous
    1. Salaries from TAMU Career Center Web Site
    2. Should you accept the offer?
    3. An excellent summary of how to use social media to your advantage.  Written for IT people but very applicable to engineers in the new world we live in.  Cached copy if this link dies.
    4. Your online presence and how it can affect your employment potential
    5. Your Facebook profile  
    6. Managing your online presence
    7. Survey finds soft skills more important to employers than technical knowledge
    8. Dress code (Cached)
    9. The importance of internships   (Cached)   And here
    10. How much money will you make? (Written long ago - probably out of date in these times)
    11. Career Development - an excellent series in long-term career development
    12. Critical records to develop during co-op, internships, regular employment, volunteer, charitable work.  For getting your F.E. and P.E. submissions in order.

Primary Resources

  1. TAMU Career Center Web Site
  2. Student Engineers' Council - Career Fairs - Click on the Events Tab
  3. Association of Former Students - Careers
  4. TAMU Career Center - get a job, write a resume, plan for interview, questions interviewers ask, etc.
  5. Career Center Internship information
  6. Commercial and Municipal Internship Listings
  7. How to write your resume
  8. Interviewing for your job

Other Resources Including Job Search Engines

  3. Engineering Salary Calculator - how much are you worth?
  4. A list of engineering companies that you might consider contacting
  5. ASCE Career Information
  6. NeoGov - strong in use by municipalities and the public sector
  7. The Civil Engineering Web Directory - on right of screen, under Job Openings
  8. The Ultimate C.E. Directory
  9. Engineering News Record Magazine
  12. - Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information
  15. dmoz Open Directory Project
  18. Navy Civil Engineer Corps
  20. Engineering Central
  21. Civil Engineering Central
  24. Juju Job Search Engine
  25. American Council of Engineering Companies
  26. Careerjet
  27. The Job Search Engine This thing really works well.
  28. National Engineers Clearinghouse
  31. Engineering Jobs
  32. Engineering Central
  33. (Pretty bad)
  34. NCS Career Magazine
  36. Careerbuilder
  37. Hotjobs
  38. Flipdog
  39. NSPE Civil Engineering Job Board
  41. Headhunter's Database ( a list of headhunter firms - These people can be very effective since they don't get paid unless they find you a job.  But there are thousands of them.)
  42. List of all Departments of Transportation
  43. Expatriat (out-of-country) jobs
  44. Candidateseeker
  48.  And other lists:                 Boston University
  49.  Notre Dame
  50.                                                   Washington Public Library

A list of search engines to find information about the company who made you an offer

  1. Better Business Bureau Company Search
  2. Hoovers Online
  3. Switchboard
  4. BigBook
  5. And of course, the best generic search engine on planet earth: Google







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