Galveston, TX 1900 Storm
List of Known Victims
NOTE:  The following list was published by the Galveston News, date unknown, but believed to have been within months of the storm.  There are apparent misspellings and duplications of names.  This list represents the known victims, at the time.  The names of many victims will never be known. 
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Inmates of the Home for Homeless Children, Galveston.
All of these precious little ones were lost in the flood.

ACKERMAN, Herman, wife and daughter
ADAMS, mrs. Mary (colored)
ADAMS, Miss Katie May, daughter of H. B. ADAMS of Malvern, Ark.
ADAMS, Bennie and Jesse
ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Toby (colored)
ADAMEIT, Mrs. Gotleiv and seven children
ADASCHECK, Mrs. Powell and four children, 2810 R
AGIN, George and child
AGUILO, Joe B. and three children
AHY, Mrs. John and three children
AKERS, C. B., wife and three children
ALBANO, Mrs. and two children, Tony and Mary
ALBERTO, F. L., longshoreman
ALBERTSON, M., wife and daughter
ALEXANDER, Annie and Christian, children of Thomas
ALLARYDCE, Mrs. R. L. and three children
ALLEN, W. T., wife, daughter and one son
ALLEN, E. B., and wife
ALLEN, Mrs. Kate
ALLEN, Mrs. Alex. and five children (colored)
ALLEN, Wm., wife and three children, Fifty-Eighth and Ave. Q 1/2
ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. E.
ALLERSON, Edward, shoemaker, Twenty-seventh and Ave. Q 1/2
ALLISON, S. B., wife and six children, Thirty-fifth and Ave. Q 1/2
ALMERAS, Mrs. P., visiting Oliver Udell down the island
ALMOS, Mrs. P.
ALPHONSE, John, wife and family, with one exception, Forty-fourth and Ave. S
ALPIN, George and wife (colored)
AMMUNDSEN, Emil, wife and child, Lucas Terrace
ANDERSON, J. W., wife and three children
ANDERSON, L., and wife, Seventeenth and Ave. O
ANDERSON, Mrs. Dora and child Louise, wife of C. J. Anderson, 901 Broadway
ANDERSON, Ella, daughter of John Anderson, between Thirty-sixth and                       Thirty-seventh on Postoffice;  lost down the island
ANDERSON, Ned, wife and two children
ANDERSON, Ella, Heard's Lane, Shell road.
ANDERSON, L. (shoemaker) and wife.
ANDERSON, Oscar wife and child
ANDERSON, A. G. wife and children
ANDERSON, Amanda (colored)
ANDERSON, Mrs. Sam (colored)
ANDERSON, C. Anderson ways.  Bay Shore
ANDERSON, Andrew, wife and two children
ANDERSON, Nick., and sons Henry and John
ANDERSON, Mrs. Carl and four children, stockyards
ANDERSON, Nels., shipbuilder, Galveston island
ANDERSON, Edward, longshoreman
ANDREW, Mrs. A. and family
ANDREWS, Mrs. A. and three children
ANDREWS, Mrs., on the Hisser place, Bay Shore
ANDRO, Mrs. and three children
ANIZAN, Mrs. Frank and two children, LaMarque, TX
ANTONOVICH, John and Pinkie, 3808 Ave P 1/2
APLIN, George and wife
APPEL, Fritz and son
APPLIN, Mrs. Lucy and four children (colored), Ave L and Eleventh
ARDISSON, Mrs. J. and eight children
ARMITAGE, Miss Vivian
ARMOUR, Mrs. and five children
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Dora, wife of C. F., and four children
ARTISAN, John, wife and nine children, of Thirty-ninth and Ave. S 1/2
ASHE, George, Jr.
ASHLEY, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
ASTHEIMER, Betty, Henrietta, Philip, and Frank
AUGUSTINE, Pasquil and wife
AULL, Nicholas and family of eight
AULL, George and family of five
AULL, Joseph and family of four
AULL, Mar, wife of Joseph Aull
AZTEANA, Captain Sylvester de.
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BADGER, Otto, N, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth

BAILEY, George, wife and three children
BAKER, Miss Florence (colored)
BAKER, Mrs. and three children (colored), 2828 Ave. P.
BALDWIN, Miss Sallie (colored)
BALLIMAN, Gussie, 3602 Ave. Q 1/2
BALLIMAN, Irene, 3602 Ave. Q 1/2
BALLIMAN, John, 3602 Ave. Q 1/2
BANDUS, Mr. and family, down the island
BANKERS, Mrs. Charles
BARDEN, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
BARNARD, Mrs. Mary A., 2113 Thirty-third St.
BARNES, Mrs. Louise M., widow of William Barnes, 2003 Tremont St.
BARNES, family of eight, down the island
BARRY, Mrs. James and six children, Ave. K between Forty-second and Forty-third
BARRY, wife and six children, Forty-third and Ave. K
BASS, John, wife and four children (colored)
BATCHELOR, Frank, wife and four children, Bennie, Roy, Lawrence and Harris;  lived at Forty-first and Ave S 1/2
BATJA, Otto, Fifteenth and Ave. M.
BATTESTE, Horace, aged 50, Lucas Terrace
BAURLOT, V. C. and wife
BAUSENS, wife of C. J.
BAUTCH, William, wife and two children
BAXTER, Mrs. and child
BEALL, Mrs. Dudley and child
BEAUDOIN, Mrs. and two children, Twenty-eighth and Ave. P.
BECKER, Mr. and Mrs. John F., and two children
BEDFORD, fisherman (colored)
BEEKMAN, Martha Louise, daughter of Ed. Q., 1906 Twenty-first street.
BELCHER, three children of Mrs. Marguerite.
BELL, Eugenia, Alex. C., Beulah and Guy, 18th and Ave. Q
BELL, George
BELL, Clarence
BELL, Henry (colored)
BELL, Mrs. Mattie, on country road
BELLEW, Mr. and Mrs. J. F., and daughter
BENN, Mrs. Annie and two daughters
BERNARDONI, John, Eighth and Ave. L
BENSON, Mrs. Amanda (colored)
BENSON, Miss Delphia (colored)
BENSON, Mrs., Seventeenth and Ave. O 1/2
BENSON, Andrew, longshoreman
BERNARD, Mrs. ____
BERGER, W. L., wife and child
BERGER, Theo., wife and child
BERGMAN, Mrs. R. J. and little daughter
BETTS, Walter
BETTS, Mrs. Mattie, lost at Giozza residence
BEYER, Mrs. Lincey, 1109 Broadway
BEVERIDGE, Mrs. J. L. and two children
BIERMAN, Frederick, Ave. S and Forty-third
BILLIGMAN, Mrs. Lizzette, found on 13th and Broadway;  resided on M and 13th.
BIRGE, _____, and wife
BIRD, Mrs. and child
BIRD, Mrs. Joseph and five children
BLACKSON, baby of William
BLAKE, child of F. W., British vice consul, 32 06 Ave Q
BLAND, Florence (colored)
BLAND, Mrs., and seven children (colored)
BLOCK, son of Charles
BLUM, Mrs. J., Twenty-second and Ave. P.
BLUM, Isaac, Sarah and Jennie
BLUM, Mrs. Sylvania
BODDEKER, Austin, son of Will Boddeker;  drowned at Arcadia
BOEDECKER, H. C., wife and two children
BOEDECKER, H. father, brother and sister.  Thirty-seventh and Ave. Q 1/2
BOENING, William, wife and three children, milkman, down the island.
BOGEL, Mrs. H. and children Florence, Marguerite, and Alma, Fifty-second and P 1/2
BOHN, Dixie
BONNER, Mrs. Ave S between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh
BORDEN, Mr. and mrs. J. F.
BORNKESSEL, T. C., of US weather bureau, and wife.
BOSKE, Mrs. Charles, and two sons
BOSS, Charles and Detleff
BOSS, Fred (colored)
BOSTON, Mrs. Clara (colored), Eleventh and Ave. M.
BOTSFORD, Edwin and wife, Kinkead addition
BOWE, Mrs. John and four children
BOWEN, Chas. K., of Half Moon lighthouse
BOWEN, Captain Chas K., daughter and grandchild of North Galveston, visiting at Thirty-eighth and Ave. S.
BOWIE, Mrs. John, and two children
BOYD, Andy, wife and four children, Buelah, Bessie, George and Mabel, Nineteenth and Ave. P.
BRADFIELD, Tom and wife, down the island.
BRADFOOT, and wife, seven miles down the island
BRADLY, Miss Nannie
BRADLY, Miss Ethel
BRADY, _____ and wife, Twenth-eighth and Ave. P 1/2
BRANCH, Allen (colored), Mrs. Eva
BRANCH, Miss Pearl G. (colored), Forty-fourth and Ave. S 1/2
BRANDES, Fritz, wife and four children, milkman, down the island
BRNDON, Lottie, LaMarque, TX
BRAY, Mary, niece of Alex. Coddou
BRISCOLL, A., (milkman) and family
BRITTON, James (colored), LaMarque, TX
BROCKELMAN, three children of J. T.
BROCKER, Joe and family
BROWN, Wm., Forty-third and Ave. R
BROWN, Adolph, wife and two children, Ave. S and Forty-Third
BROWN, Mrs. Gus. (colored), son and two grandchildren, down the island
BROWN, Gus (colored), down the island
BROWN, Joseph and family
BROZIS, M. G., wife and child, Thirty-seventh and Ave. S.
BRUNNER, Albert, longshoreman
BRYAN, Mrs. L. W., and daughter Alice, of South McAlester, I. T., at H. C. Ripley's house.
BUCKLEY, Selma and Blanche, and their mother and father
BUCKLEY, Mrs. S. and daughter
BUPEN, Marco, wife and five children, down the island.
BURGE, Wm., wife and child, postmaster Herd's postoffice
BURGE, S. W., wife and two children, Twenty-fourth and Beach
BURGESS, Mrs. and child
BURGOYNE, Francis, Mrs., Twenth-eighth between Ave. Q and Q 1/2
BURGOYNE, Dugle, Twenty-eighth, between Ave. Q and Q 1/2
BURKE, J. G. Thirty-seventh and Ave. Q
BURKE, Jessie K., Mrs. Thirty-seventh and Ave. Q
BURNETT, baby of Mrs. Annie Burnett
BURNETT, Mrs. George and child
BURNS, Mrs. M. E. and child, Mary E.
BURNS, Mrs. P., and daughter, Mary, Kinkead addition
BURNETT, Mrs. Mary, Ave P 1/2 and Twenty-foruth
BURNETT, Mrs. Gary, and two children
BURRELL, Elvie, and two children, (colorred)
BURRELL, Mrs. Gete, (colored)
BURWELL, T. M., 1423 Ave. L
BUSCHER, F. and wife
BUSH, Charles, wife and three children
BUSH, Hisom
BUSH, Mr. Charles and daughter, Mrs. Bettie B. Sawyer, all colored, Fifty-sixth Street, between Church and Winnie, across the Mud bridge
BUTLER, Captain Green, Thirty-third and Ave. Q
BUTTS, C. H., lost from barge
BYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Geo., and daughter, Mary, Forty-fourth and Ave. S 1/2
BYRD, Mrs. J. C. and child
BYRNES, _____, wife and sister 
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