CAIN, Rev. and Mrs. Thomas W. (colored)
CALHOUN, Mrs. Thomas and three children
CALVERT, George, wife, son and daughter, Thirty-second and Ave. Q 1/2
CAMPBELL, Miss Edna, Thirty-ninth and Ave. T 1/2
CAPERS, ______, and wife;  lived at south-east corner of Forty-second and Ave. S
CAPPS, Chas. C., wife and six children
CAROLINE, Alice, Elizabeth and one son, Edmund, two grandchildren.
CAROU, Mrs. Jenne
CARIBALDI, August and family, Sydnor's bayou
CARLSON, Charles, wife and boy, bay bridge
CARREN, Mrs. Eugenie Souhet, washer-woman at the Home for the homeless
CARSON, Frank C. and wife
CARTER, Betsy (colored), and daugher Sophia
CARTER, Miss Sophie
CARTER, Corrine and family
CARTER, Adeline
CARTER, Alf, and seven children, colored, down the island
CASLEY, Sanders (colorred), wife Samantha and children Samantha and Walter, Twenty-ninth and Ave P 1/2
CASEY, Mrs. Amelia
CAZENAVE, Jean (milkman)
CHAFFEY, Mrs. and son
CHAMBERS, Ada D., wife of J. F. Chambers, Fifty-seventh and Ave M 1/2
CHEEK, Mrs. Mary, and one child
CHENIVERE, Mrs., shell road
CHESTER, Frank, Ellen and Mary (colored)
CHOUKE, Mrs. Chris and daughter, Annie, down the island
CHILDS, Wm. and wife
CHRESTIN, Paul and wife, Thirty-ninth and Ave. Q
CHRISTIAN, John (night engineer water works) and wife
CHRISTANSON, Miss Annie, of Shreveport, who was visiting Geo. Gorian
CLANCY, Pat, wife and five children, down the island
CLANCY, Pat (screwman), wife and three children
CLARK, Billy, Twenty -sixth and Ave. P
CLARK, Cy (colored)
CLARK, Thomas
CLARK, Mrs. C. T., and child
CLAUDE, Joe and daughter, Emily
CLAUSSEN, Nicholous Frederick Peter;  Identified several weeks after the storm by a fountain pen found in his pocket.   Mrs. Claussen and children survived, but house was destroyed.  The only thing salvaged was a glass pitcher which remains in the family.  [Thanks to DOROTHY KYLER   for submitting this information about her grandparents.]
CLEAR, William E., Twenty-sixth and Ave. P
CLEARY, Mrs. Leon and one child, Virginia Point
CLEVELAND, George, wife and children, Ruth, Roy and Senreta, Twenty-seventh and Ave. Q
CLINE, wife of Dr. I. M.
CLOSE, J. N., of Chambersville, TX
COBBE, Archie, wife and two children (milkman) five miles down the island
COATES, Mrs. Wm. A.
COBBE, Mrs. Thomas A., and two daughters, down the island
CODDOU, Alex. and three children, Claude, Edward and Drouet
COLEMAN, Mandy and child, Elfie (colored)
COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. Ira's baby daughter
COLONGE, Rachel and four children
COLTUR, Joseph, longshoeman
CONNOLLY, Mrs. Ellen
COLSBURG, Frank G. , wife and baby, Forty -sixth and Broadway
COLSON, ______
CONGET, Mrs. (colored), Ave. K, between Twelfth and Thirtheenth
CONNER, Captain D. E.
CONNETT, Mrs. Wm., and children, down the island
CONNELL, Mrs. Louise, Miss Rebecca, Peter and Jane (colored), Forty-third and T.
CONNETT, Charles, wife and children, Forty-third and Ave. S 1/2
COOK, Mrs. Ida (colored), Forty-first and Ave. U.
COOK, Henry (colored), 3601 Ave. Q 1/2
COOK, George
COOK, Arthur
COOK, Irene
COOK, Ashby, of Atchison, KS
COOK, W. Scott, wife and six children, Ashby, Edgar, Walter, Tex, Gertrude, and Ella
COOKE, Marston, Forty-third and Ave. S
CORBETT, J., and four chidlren, John Munro Lucas, aged 8 years;  Edna May Lucaas, aged 6 years 11 months;  Arthur Louis Lucas, aged 5 years 4 months, 4510 Ave. K
CORNETT, Miss Lilie, Kinkead addition
CORNELL, Mrs. Peter, two daughters and son (colored)
CORNETT, Mrs. Eliza, Forty-first and Ave. S
CORNETT, Charles and wife
CORNETT, Miss Lillie
CORT, Cora Virginia, daughter of E. L. Cort, (colored)
CORYELL, Patti Rosa
COSTA, A., Virginia Point
COSTLY, Sanders and wife, and child of Alex. Costy, colored
COWAN, wife and daughter, Isabella, Seventh and Broadway
COWAN, ______
COX, Lillie, Susie, Frances and John, Jr., children of J. R. Cox of Malvern, Ark.
CRAIG, George
CRAIN, Maggie McCrea (Mrs. C. D.,) aged 37, 2818 Ave P 1/2, and children, Annie M., aged 15, and Charles D., aged 6
CRAMER, Miss Bessie
CRAWLEY, May Lottie, Dudie and Lee
CREDO, child of Anthony
CRISBY, Mrs. Fred and three children, 55th and Broadway
CROMWELL, Mrs. and three daughters
CROWLEY, Miss Nellie and brother
CUNEO, Mrs. Joseph (from New Orleans, visiting Mrs. Webber)
CUNEY, R. C., and mother (colored)
CUNEY, grandma, mother of Wright Cuney, (colored)
CURRY, Mrs. E. H. and child
CURTIS, Mrs. J. C. (colored) and one child
CURTIS, Lulda (colored)
CUSHMAN, Jeanette, Arthur
CUSHMAN, John Henry (stepson of Oliver Udell)
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"Dago Joe" and wife, Mary, Kinkead addition

DAHLGREN, A. G., longshoreman
DALEY, Nicholas J.
DARLEY, John, wife and daughter Belle
DARNELL, W. D., and wife (colored)
DARBY, Charles
DAVENPORT, Wharton, Jr., Rebecca Harris and John Harris, children of Wharton and Cora Harris Davenport, Ave. R and Fortieth
DAVIES, John R. and wife
DAVIS, Mrs. Robert and child, Ave. P 1/2 and Thirty-third
DAVIS, Sr., Henry T. (colored)
DAVIS, Irene, 3507 Ave. Q
DAVIS, Mrs. and daughter Grace
DAVIS, Mrs. T. F.
DAVIS, Mrs. Alice W., and family, eight in all, Sixteenth and Ave. O
DAVIS, Miss Annie N., eldest daughter of Rhoda Milby Davis and the late Samuel Boyer Davis, trained nurse Sealy hospital
DAVIS, Gussie
DAVIS, Mrs. Mary, colored, 2017 Ave. N
DAY, Mrs. Ellen and daughter, Miss May;  lived at Twenty-sixth and Ave. P 1/2
DAY, Willie (colored), Seventeenth, between Ave. M 1/2 and N
DAY, Alfred (colored)
DAY, Miss Mamie
DAY, Mrs. Maggie
DAXET, Mrs. Maggie
DAZET, Mrs. Leon, and child
DEAN, child of R. F.
DEASON, Mrs. Mary and son, Ed. Jefferson
DECIE, Henry, family and mother
DECIE, Dick and family
DECKER, Alphonso, longshoreman
DEERING, W. A., wife and six children
DEERING, John, wife and six children, Forty-thrid and Ave. U
DeHERETE, Miss Leonie, Ave. M between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth
DEBOER, P. C., and wife
DELANEY, Mrs. Jack and two children
DELANO, Asa P., wife and children
DELAYA, Paul and two daughters
DELZ, M., and son Lenis, Thirty-seventh and Ave. M
DEMPSEY, Mrs. and two children
DEMPSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
DERR, Gus, longshoreman
DEVOTI, Joe and three children, Heard's Lane
Devoti, Mrs. Julia and two children
DEVOTI, Louis, Colorado Addition
DEVOTI, "Doc," Kinkead addition
DICKSON, Mrs. Louisa and three children, Eighteenth and Ave. P
DICKINSON, Mrs. Mary and child (*colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. P
DIGGS, Henry, wife and four children (colored)
DINSDALE, Thomas, wife and three children
DINTER, Mrs. and daughter
DIRKS, Henry and family
DITTMAN, Mrs. F. and son
DIXON, Mrs. Tom and three children
DOHERTY, Mrs. G. P., 2416 Ave Q 1/2
DOHONUE, Misses Ellena and Mary, of Utica, N.Y.
DOLL, George W. and wife Eliza
DOLL, Frank and family
DONNELL, W. D., wife and one child.  A son, aged 13 years, saved
DOOL, Mrs. C. C., 16th and Ave. A
DORIAN, George, Jr., wife and two children
DORIAN, Mrs. George and five children
DORRENE, Mr. and Mrs., and two daughters
DORSETT, B. and family of five, LaMarque, TX
DORSEY, Fannie
DOTO, Marcus, wife and six children
DOTY, Jonathan, Ave. P 1/2 and Twenty-fifth
DOWLES, Mrs. Sam and daughter, Nora
DREHT, Lottie
DRISCOLL, T. E., Thirtieth and Ave. Q
DUANE, Miss Mary Coleman, of Victoria
DUFFARD, A., county bridge keeper
DUCOS, Octavia and Madeline
DUEBNER, William and wife and three children, stockpens
DUETT, Miss Maria, old woman's home
DUFFY, Mrs. (Mrs. W. Jones' sister), down the island
DUNHAM, George R., Sr., and wife
DUNHAM, George R., Jr., and two children
DUNAHM, Mrs. Howard C., and three children
DUNANT, Frank, Sr.
DUMOND, Joseph and wife (stock yards)
DUNTON, Mrs. Adelina
DUNKINS, Mrs. Mahaly (colored), Twenty-seventh and Ave. P
DUNNINGHAM, Richard, Tenth and Ave. L
DURRANT, Frank, on Sidney bayou
DUTONIOVICH, John and Pinkey
DYKES, Thomas J., Jr., colored

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