HAAG, three children of Mrs. Annie Burgess Haag

HAARAR, Martin, wife and child
HAGENS, George, longshoreman, and wife
HAINES, wife of Captain Ed. Haines
HALL, Mrs. (colored)
HALL, Melva and Eldred
HALL, Joe and fmaily (colored), Ave. R. between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth
HALM, Frieda, Thirty-sixth and Ave. S 1/2
HANCE, Mrs. Emma and daughter, nine mile post, down the island
HANESMANN, Mrs. down the island
HANSEN, Dick, wife and three children
HANSON, J. C. H., longshoreman
HAROLD, Laura or Lula, Twenty-seventh and Church
HARRIS, Lewis, 2310 Ave. Q
HARRIS, Mrs. Jane (colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. R
HARRIS, Thosman [sic], wife and three children
HARRIS, George and wife (colored)
HARRIS, Mrs. Emma, Fred and Robert, 4510 Broadway
HARRIS, Mrs. four miles down the island
HARRIS, Minnie
HARRIS, Effie (colored)
HARRIS, Mrs. John and three children
HARRIS, Rebecca Perry, Ave. R and Forty-first
HARRIS, wife and four children of Jaohn Harris, milkman, down the island
HARRIS, George and family (fireman)
HARRIS, Thomas, wife and three children
HARRIS, Robert, wife and one child
HARRIS, George, Forty-sixth and Broadway
HARRIS, Mrs. (colored)
HARRISON, Tom and wife (colored)
HART, Thomas Leo, son of Mrs. Pauline Hart, Thirty-ninth and Ave T 1/2
HARVEY, wife and child, Forty-second and Ave.. M
HASLERS, Charles, wife and child
HAUCIS, Mrs., one child, nine miles down the island
HAUSER, H. and wife
HAUSINGER, Mr. H. A., daughter and mother-in-law
HAWKINS, Mrs. mary Lee, Tenth and Winnie
HAYES, child of Mrs. Era, of Taylor, TX
HAYMANN, Mrs. John A., and five children, Kinkead addition
HAYNES, Miss L. (colored), servant of D. G. Chinn
HEAR, L., wife and twelve children, down the island
HECKLER, Charles (white painter)
HEFTY, Rudolph, Thirty-seventh and Ave. S
HEGMANN, E. D., Sr., wife and childrne, Albert, Emma and E. D., Jr., seven miles down island.
HEINROTH, Annie, 3610 Ave. K
HEINROTH, H., and three children
HEIMAN, Anton (ex-alderman), wife and three children
HELFENSTEIN, Jr., John (child), Fifty-eighth and Postoffice streets
HENBACH, Charles F. and son
HENING, A. B., Factory district
HENRY, child of Officer D. W. Henry
HERMAN, Mrs. and five children
HERMAN, Martin and two children
HERMANN, W. J., 3714 Ave. S 1/2
HERMANN, Mrs. R. M. and child, Heard's lane, Shell road
HERRES, John and A.
HERSEY, Mrs. John
HESS, Aug. and family, Thirty-eighth and Ave. P 1/2
HESS, bugler, battery O
HESS, Miss Irene
HESTER, Charlie
HEUSS, G. August, wife and three children
HEYDOWN, W. and wife, Ave. R between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth
HIGH, J. B. and wife
HILGENBURG, Jacob, wife and baby
HILL, Mrs. Ben and two children
HOARER, Martin, wife and son
HODGE, George, wife and son (colored)
HODGE, Mrs. Wiliams (colored)
HODGE, Henrietta
HODGE, Georgie
HODGE, James
HODGE, Gertrude
HODGE, Clarence
HOCH, Mrs. and three sons, Mike, Willie and Louis
HOFFMAN, Mrs. Pauline, Houston, nurse
HOFFMAN, family
HOFFMAN, Miss Augusta
HOISINGTON, J. A. (missing)
HOLLAND, James H., wife and son Willie, and granson James Otis
HOLLAND (colored), Ave. M 1/2, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
HOLLAND, Mrs. James
HOLMBERG, John, wife and three children, Forty-foruth and Ave. T
HOLMS, Mrs. Emma (colored), 2828 Ave. P
HOLMES, child of Laura (colored)
HOLMES, Florence (colored)
HOMBURG, Joe, wife and four children, Kinkead addition
HOMBURG, Mrs. Peter and four children, 3529 Ave. R.
HOMBURG, William, wife and two children
HOOD, Bessie (colored)
HOSKINS, Mrs. Helen, Twenty-eighth and Ave Q 1/2
HOWE, Adolph, wife and five children
HOWELL, Sidney, longshoreman
HOWELL, Mrs. Addeline, 2824 Ave. P
HOWKE, Mrs. and four sons
HOWTH, Mrs. Clarence
HUBNER, Edwar and Antoinetter, Twenty-first and Ave. P
HUBACH, Charles
HUBBELL, Misses Emma and Maggie
HUESS, A., wife and children
HUGHES, Mrs. Mattie
HUGHES, Stuart G.
HUGHES, Robert (colored)
HUGHES, Mrs. M. W. (colored), Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth, between Ave. L and M
HAHN, Mr. F.
HULBERT, Mrs. Victoria, Miss Minnie, Walter and Hallie (all colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. Q 1/2
HULL, Wilie (colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. Q 1/2
HULL, Charlie (colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. Q 1/2
HUME, Stephen (colored)
HUMBURG, Ed. (milkman), down the island
HUNTER, Geo., and two children, island
HUNTER, Mrs. Alice, and brother and father and three children
HURT, Walter, wife and two children, their German cook and half brown boy.
HUZZA, Charles, wife and five children
HYLENGERG, Jacob, wife and child, Ave. N and Seventeenth
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IOVEY, Mrs. C. (colored), worked at beach

IRESCO, James, east end
IRVIN, child of Wm. H.
IRWIN, wife and two sister of Will
IWAN, Mrs. A.

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JACK, Mrs. Pearl A., and two daughters, Forty-second and Ave. R.

JACKMAN, Ada, and two children
JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Mabel, Forty-third and Ave. S 1/2
JACKSON, Sarah M., between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-Seventh streets
JACKSON, J. W., Mrs., and two children, Forty-sixth and Ave. K
JACOBS, H., wife and children
JAEGER, Mr. and Mrs., and three children,  Ave. O 1/2 between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth
JAEGER, Wm. H., Tenth and Broadway
JAEGER, John and wife, Eighth and Winnie
JAENICKE, Mrs. Curt, and three children
JALONICK, Ed., wife and two children, all of Dallas
JASPER, two children of Perry (colored)
JAY, William (missing)
JAY, son of J. P., down the island
JEFFERBROCK, Mr. and Mrs. August, and child
JEWELL, J., wife and four children and mother-in-law (milkman), down the island
JOHN, Henry V., working for E. Allen, Forty-third and Ave. S.
JOHNSON, T. D. longshoreman
JOHNSON, Christopher, lived at 1918 Ave. P 1/2
JOHNSON, Lorand, wife and four children, Forty-third and Ave. S
JOHNSON, Sydney, child of R. H. Johnson
JOHNSON, Mrs. C. S., 1715 Ave. N 1/2
JOHNSON, child of J. F. Johnson, 1715 Ave. N 1/2
JOHNSON, Richard (colored)
JOHNSON, Adin, wife and son
JOHNSON, Peter, wife and five children (milkman), down the island
JOHNSON, Mrs. P., and child
JOHNSON, R. D., wife and two children
JOHNSON, one child of Billy
JOHNSON, Mrs. Genevieve W., and daughter, Forty-fifth and Ave. K
JOHNSON, W. J., wife and two children
JOHNSON, Oakey, wife, child and mother-in-law
JOHNSON, Mrs. H. B. and child
JOHNSON, A. S., (screwman), wife and six children
JOHNSON, Miss Mary, 2113 Thirty-third St.
JOHNSON, Dan (colored) Thirty-eighth and Ave. T.
JOHNSTON, Mrs. Clara, wife of Bernard, and two children, Thirty-second and Ave. K
JOHNSTON, Harry P. and wife, Minnie and baby boy, Ninth and Ave. I
JOHNSTON, J. Barnard, wife and two children, Ave. R between Thirty-second and Thirty-third
JOHNSTON, Mrs. Alice R., Twelfth and Ave. M 1/2
JONES, Mrs. W. D., 3020 Ave. Q
JONES, Katie (colored) servant of Rev. H. C. Dunham, 1021 Ave. L
JONES, Mary, Sarah, Annie and Lizzie
JONES, Jackson (colored)
JONES, John A., and wife, Twenty-first and Ave. P 1/2.
JONES, J. H., and wife
JONES, Frank, son of Fred (colored)
JONES, Mrs. W. R. and child
JONES, Robert
JONES, Fred and wife (colored)
JONES, Walter, Mrs., and two children, down the island
JONES, Mabel, adopted daughter of Mrs. Ella Roach, Thirty-ninth and Ave. Q 1/2
JONES, Mrs. Matilda W., and daughter Mary
JONES, Sallie (colored), 1715 Ave. N 1/2
JONES, Ernest, Forthieth and Ave. R 1/2
JONES, Evan, and four children, Fortieth and Ave. R. 1/2
JONES, William, Sr., Fortieth and Ave. R 1/2
JONES, Dora (colored), servant of James Irvin
JORDAN, Charles A.
JOUGHIN, Tony, former drummer in the Immune Regiment
JOYCE, Mrs. E., and four children, Forty-fourth and Ave. S
JUFFS, Ben., wife and four children, 1917 Ave. O 1/2
JUNEMANN, Charles, wife and daughter.
JUNKA, Martha, daughter of W. P.
JUNKA, Mrs. Pauline
JUNKER, William, wife and child
JUNKER, Mr. Collins
JUSTINUS, Hammoad, wife and five children, and Mrs. Colbert, mother of Mrs. Justinus, Twenty-seventh and Ave. Q.
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