KAISER, Louis, wife and three children, Forty-third and Ave S 1/2

KAPER, August, wife and one child, Forty-second and Ave. S
KAUFFMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth, Tenth and Ave. M
KAUFFMAN, Mrs. Chas.
KAUFFMAN, baby Margaret
KEATES, Thomas and wife
KEATES, Miss Tillie, Thirty-eighth and Ave T
KEETON, Mrs. J. O. and three children
KEHLER, Mrs. Fred, two girls and boy
KEIS, Mrs. John
KEIS, Miss Jodie
KEIS, Mrs. Louis and four children
KEIFFER, wife and daughter
KELLER, Barney J., wife and four children, 2401 Thirty-Seventh St.
KELLEY, Thos., wife, three children and niece
KELLEY, Dan., Sr.
KELNER, Charles L., Sr.
KELLY, Florence
KELLY, Barney
KELLY, Willie
KELLY, _____, wife and three children
KELSO, Munson J., Jr.
KELSO, Roy, baby boy of J. C. Kelso
KELSY, James
KEMP, Thomas W. and wife, 4205 Ave. S
KEMP, Elizabeth, and son Samuel (colored), down the island
KEMP, John W., florist, Forty-Second and Ave. S
KEMP, W. C. and wife
KEMP, Pearlie (colored), down the island
KENNELY, Mrs. Annie
KENNEDY, Benton, wife and three children, Thirty-seventh and Ave. R
KEOUGH, John wife and four children, island
KEOGH, Mrs. and three children, Kinkead addition
KESSLER, Frederick and daughter
KESSNER, August and children, Gussie and Emma, Kinkead addition
KILLCOER, E., wife and children
KIMLEY, Mr.s John and family, Pooleville
KINDIE, I. M., and family
KINDSFATHER, Joseph, wife and three children, Forty-sixth and Ave. K
KING, Mrs. (colored)
KING, Rosa J. (colored)
KIRBY, James, (section foreman), and three men
KIRBY, Mrs. George and two children
KIRBY, mrs. J. H. and three children
KISSINGER, Mrs. M. J., Eleventh and Ave. M
KLEIN, Ed., wife and two children, nine miles down the island
KLEIN, Mrs. E. V.
KLEINECKE, Mrs. H., and children, except Hermann, Fifty-seventh and Ave. T
KLEINECKE, Mrs., Ave. H and Thirty-eighth
KLEINEMER, Mrs. Herman and six children, Galveston Island
KLEIMAN, Joe, wife, children and two workmen, milkmen, down the island
KLEIMANN, wife and eight children of H.
KLINEMANN, John, wife and one child, a milkman and three hired men
KNOWLES, Mrs. W. T. and three children
KOCH, Mrs. Klizabeth, Ave. M between Ninth and Tenth
KOCH, Wm., Sr., Tenth and Eleventh on Broadway
KOCH, Wm., Sr., island
KOLB, A. J., wife and child
KOLB, infant of C. L.
KONSTANSTOPULO, Thriandefel, Twenty-fourth and Beach (candy stand near Olympis.)
KOTHE, Wm., Ave. Q between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth
KRAUSSE, John, Joseph and Catherine
KRECEK, Joseph, wife and three sons
KUDER, Ed and wife
KUHL, Miss Edna
KUHN, Mrs. Oscar and children
KUHNEL, Mrs. H. Clem and two children
KUPPER, Mr., between Forty-second and Forty-third on Ave. S
KURPAN, Paul, clerk at Star mills, and wife, Thirteenth and Ave. N
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LACKEY, Mrs. Mary B., and four daughters, Pearl, Ilma, and two others and a daughter-in-law, Thirty-ninth and Ave. S 1/2

LANAHAN, four children of John, Twenty-ninth and Ave. B
LANDRUM, B. and five children, Bolivar
LANE, Rev. and family
LANE, F. and family
LANG, five children of Peter
LABBATT, H. J., Sr., wife and daughter, Nellie
LABBATT, Joe, wife and four children
LAFAYETTE, Mrs. A. C. and children
LAMONT, Richard P.
LaPIERE, James, wife and five children, FOrty-third and Ave. S
LARSEN, Ed., boatkeeper of pilot boat Eclipse
LARSON, Charles E.
LARSON, H. and two children
LASHLEY, Mrs. Dave
LAUDERDALE, Mrs. Robert and two daughters, one son and Mrs. Lauderdale's mother
LAUKHUFF, Genevive
LAUSEN, Mrs. Will and one child
LAUSEN, Aug and three children, Thirty-ninth and Ave. S.
LAWSING, Mrs. mother of Mrs. J. W. Munn, Sr.
LAWSON, Charles E., longshoreman
LEAGETT, Mrs. and three children nine miles on bay shore down the island
LEAGUE, three children of Mrs. Lillie
LEASK, Maury, clerk of William Burge, Colorado addition
LEBERMAN, Lee H., 1426 Ave. N 1/2
LEBERMAN, Prof. H. A. (missing), 1426 Ave. N 1/2
LEDTSCH, Theodore
LEE, Captain G. A. and wife
LEES, Mrs. Elizabeth
LEGAT, Mrs. Celia nd family of six, addition
LEGATE, three brothers, down the island
LEHMAN, Charles and son, Forty-fifth and Ave. K
LEMIRE, Joseph, wife and four children
LEMONS, Mrs. Celestine (colored), Twenty-eighth and Ave. R
LENA, Mrs.
LENNARD, Fred, aged 4 years, 4512 Ave. K
LENZ, August, longshoreman
LEON, _____, butcher, and two children, Ave. N between Seventeenth and Eighteenth
LEONARD, Bernard
LESLIE, Miss Gracie
LETTERMAN, W., wife and three children
LETTS, Captain, wife, two children, sister-in-law, and one of her children, Kinkead
LEUTACH, Theodore, Thirtieth and Ave. K
LEVINE, Mrs. P., daughter and sons, Leo and Carroll
LEVY, W. T., US immigration inspector and late major of First United States volunteer regiment, wife and three children
LEWIS, Mrs. Agnes (colored)
LEWIS, Miss Agnes (colored)
LEWIS, Mrs. C. A. (colored), 44th and Ave. R.
LEWIS, Mrs. Jake and six children, Forty-sixth and Ave. L.
LEWIS, Mrs. Maria (colored)
LEWIS, Elizabeth Eunice, 1015 Ave M 1/2\
LINDGREN, John, wife and seven children (Miss Lillie, eldest daughter, saved)
LINDQUIST, Mrs. Oscar and three children
LISBONY, W. H., wife and son, W. H., Jr.
LISBONY, Miss Eunice, daughter of C. P. Lisbony
LIVINGSTON, Mrs. Frances, Thirty-second and Ave. R.
LLOYD, "Buck" and wife
LLOYD, Charles H., wife and child
LLOYD, S. O., Twenty-seventh and Ave. P 1/2
LOCKE, Mrs. Mary
LOCKHART, Charles, Mrs. and two children, Forty-second and Ave. S 1/2
LOCKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. H.
LOESBERG, Miss Minnie
LONG, two children of Sergeant
LOSICO, Mrs. Fillimend, daughter, three grandchildren and son-in-law
LORD, Richard
LOSING, Mrs. Sarah A., Fifty-second and Ave. S.
LOVE, R. A. (officer)
LOVE, Ed. Grenn
LUCAS, Mrs. William and two sons, John aged 16 years and 9 months, and David Edward, aged 13 years and 9 months.  4428 Ave. K, wife and sons of William Lucas, foreman car repair shop Galveston, Houston and Henderson railway, who was on a vacation in Arkansas at the time of the catastrophe
LUCAS, two children of Mrs. David, 4512 Ave. K
LUCAS, mr. and Mrs. H., two children and white nurse
LUDWIG, Alfred, mother and sister-in-law
LUDEKE, Henry, wife and son
LUDEWIG, E. A. and mother
LUDWIG, Albert
LUKENBELL, B. E. and wife
LUMBERG, Willie and Lena, down the island
LUMBURGER, Gus, wife and nine children, Forty-third and Ave. S 1/2
LUVIS, Mark, (colored), wife and two children
LYNCH, Peter, Forty-third and Ave. R.
LYNCH, James and wife, 2616 Ave. Q
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MABSON, Grace and three children (colored), Ave K between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth

MACGILL, Unagh, daughter of D. Macgill
MACKEY, Mrs. W. G. and four children (colored), Ave M 1/2, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth
MACLIN, John and family
MACLIN, J. D., wife and seven children
MACLIN, W. L., wife and three children, down the island
MAGILL, David, Ave. Q between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh
MALITZ, Theodore
MALES, O. M., wife and two children
MALTZBERGER, Tony, and family
MANIER, Miss Fisa
MANNING, Mark, (colorred)
MANLY, Joe, mother and two nieces of Mr. Manly, Sr.
MANSFIELD, Caroline, and mother (colored), Sixteenth, between Ave. N 1/2 and O
MARCOTTE, Miss Pauline
MARCOVICH, Mat, wife and three children, Mud bridge
MARQUETTE, Mrs. Pauline
MARSH, sergeant, battery O
MARSHALL, Mrs. Harry K., Thirty-fifth and Ave. S
MARTIN, Frank, wife and one son
MARTIN, Miss Annie
MARTIN, Frank and one son
MASSIE, E., wife and child
MASTERSON, Annie Dallam, wife of, Branch T., Ave. R and Thirty-Ninth
MATI, Amedio
MAXWELL, Robert and Mary, Twenty-eighth and Ave. P 1/2
MAUDY, Mrs. and daugher (colored), Ave. M 1/2, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth
MAUPIN, Jos., in Kinkead addition
McCAMISH, R. A., wife and two daughters
McCANN, William, wife and six children
McCANN, Jas.
McCARTY, Leon L. (colorred)
McCAULEY, Prof. J. P. and wife, Lucas Terrace
McCAULEY, William H., Mrs. William H., Eugene, Annie and Dewey, lost at Ciozza residence
McCAULLEY, J., and wife, Thirty-fourth and Ave. P 1/2
McCAUGHLAR, Irlia (colored), Twenty-seventh and Ave. P
McCLUSKEY, Mrs. Charles and three children
McCORMICK, Mrs. D. and four children
McCULLOUGH, A. Rallar (colored)
McCUNE, John, Sixth and Ave. I
McDADE, Mrs. E. (colored)
McDADE, Ed. (colored)
McDONALD, Jerry (helper Jones Dairy)
McDONALD, Mrs. Mary, and son
McDONALD, Mrs. (widow), Fourtheenth, between Ave. L and M
McEWEN, John, island
McGRAW, Peter and wife
McKENNA, J. P., wife and two children
McKENNA, P. J., and two children
McLEAN, John, bartender
McMANUS, Mrs. W. H.
McMILLAN, Mrs. M. J.
McMILLAN, Mrs. Kinkead addition
McNEAL, Mrs. James and child
McNEIL, Hugh, and baby, and Miss Jennie McNeil
McPETERS, wife and two children
mcPHERSON, Robert (colored)
McVEIGH, Mrs. J. M. and Miss Lorena, Forty-fourth and Broadway
MEAD, James, Twelfth and Ave. I
MEALY, Mrs. John
MEALY, Joseph
MEES, W. H., longshoreman
MEGNA, Mrs. G.
MEGNA, F., wife and two children
MEGNA, Mrs. Joe, Nineteenth and Ave. P
MEGNA, one childe of Mike, Nineteenth and Ave. P
MEGNAR, Crofisisso
MELLOR (better known as Miller), Robert, a butcher, and wife, Twenty-seventh between Ave. Q and Q 1/2
MENZELL, John, wife and five children
MERICK, Eugene, and mother, down the island
MERICK, John, wife and child, milkman, down the island
MESTRY, Charlotte, colored
MEYER, Henry and four children
MEYER, Chris. (missing)
MEYER, Tilden, Forty-third and Ave. T 1/2
MIDDELEGGE, Sophie, mother of Ernest Middelegge
MIDDELEGGE, Ernest H., wife and thee sons, Harry, aged 13;  Adolf, aged 10; and Robert, aged 8
MIDLEGGE, August, wife and five children
MIDLEGGE, Aug., Sr., wife and three children
MIDLEGGE, George, wife and family
MIDDLEBURGER, George, wife and three children
MIDDLEBURGER, John, wife and three children
MIGEL, Meyer
MIHAL, Mrs. A. and three children
MILAN, wife and four children of J. H.
MILLER, Gus., wife and three children, Fifty-eighth and Broadway
MILLER, frank, oysterman
MILLER, Henry and family, Sydnor's bayou
MILLER, Chas. Mrs., and six children, Ave M 1/2, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth
MILLER, Mr., wife and six children, Galveston island bay shore
MILLER, Wm., and wife
MILLER, Mrs., and five children (colored)
MILLER, E. O., twenty-one miles down the island
MILLO, Mrs. Joe and two children, down the island
MINNIS, Mrs. W. P. (A. S. Minnis from Chicago), and S. A. Minnis, Forty-fifth and Broadway
MINOR, Lucian
MITCHELL, Miss Nola, Thirtyh-ninth and Ave. Q 1/2
MITCHELL, Mrs. C. R., W. P., Jennie El, Anna and P. L., Thirty-ninth and Ave. Q 1/2
MOFFATT, ______, wife and two children
MONGHAN, Mike and family
MONGHAN, John and wife
MONROE, (colored), Mrs. and three children
MORAN, James and wife
MOORE, Cecelia, Loraine, Vera and Mildred, children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moore, Kinkead addition
MOORE, Robert
MOORE, Miss Maggie, Seventeenth and Ave. Q 1/2
MOORE, Mrs. Nathan (colored)
MOORE, Wm. "Dock" and wife
MOORE, Mrs. Nathan
MOORE, Alex., butcher
MOORE, Estelle (colored)
MONTELEONE, Marie Miss, Hitchcock
MOREE, _____, works with Joseph Fachan
MORINO, _____
MORLEY, Rev. and wife
MORLEY, David, and wife
MOREO, Dotto, wfie and seven children
MORRIS, Harry, wife and four children
MORSEBURGER, Antonia and wife
MORTON, Hammond and four children
MORSE, Albert P., wife and four children
MOTT, Mrs. Louisa
MOTT, Mrs. B. F., Sydnor's bayou
MOTTER, Mrs. B. F. SYDNOR's bayou
MOTTER, Mrs. and two daughters
MULCAHEY, two children of J., of Houston
MUELTZ, Theo., wife and daughter
MULHOLLAND, Mrs. Louisa, old woman's home
MULLER, Henry, wife and three children
MULSBERGER, Charles and family, butcher
MUNDINE, Mr.s Meria E.
MUNKENNELT, Frank, longshoreman
MUNN, Mrs. J. W. Sr.
MURIE, Mrs. Annie and daughter, Laurine
MUTI, Amedeo, killed in rescue work
MEYER, Herman, wife and son Willie
MYERS, Willie
MYERS, Mrs. C. J. and one child
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