NAPOLEON, Henry, wife and sister (colored)

NEAL, a fisherman
NECEY, Conrad, wife and six children, Forty-fourth and Ave. S
NEIMAN, Charley
NEIMANN, Mrs. and Miss Dora
NEIMEYER, Henry, wife and five children
NEIMEYER, J., and family, farmer
Neil, E.
NELSON, Mrs. Alice and three children, Thirty-fifth and Ave. S
NELSON, Mrs. P. F. and three children, Thirty-fifth and Ave. S
NELSON, MRs. and daughter
NELSON, John J., longshoreman
NEUWILLER, Wm., wife and thee children, Thirty-seventh and Ave. Q 1/2
NEWELL, Sydney, longshoreman
NOKIS, Nettie May, stepdaughter of Louis GRUETZMACHER
NOLLEY, MRs. Sam and four children
NORTH, Miss Archie
NORTON, Mrs. F. S. and son Henry, 3506 Ave. Q
NORTON, Mrs. and two children
NORWOOD, Albaerta (colored), and baby, Sixteenth, between Ave. M 1/2 and N
NORWOOD, Mrs. Susie (colored), and baby, Sixteenth, between Ave. M 1/2 and N
NUEL, R., wife and children
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OAKLEY, F., shooting gallery man

OATS, Charlotte (colored)
O'DELL, Miss Nellie
OHLSON, Enfred, 1714 Ave O
O'DONNELL, James K., and wife, Thirty-third and Ave. Q
O'DOWD, Zeta
OFFE, F., and family, down the island
OHLSEN, Mrs. Adolph, 1714 Ave. O
O'KEEFE, C. J., and wife
O'NEILL, James and Frank, sons of James, orphans' home
O'NEILL, Lawrence, son of James, Thirty-fourth and Ave. P
O'NEILL, wife and five children, an osterman, with four hired men
OLDS, Charlotte (colored)
OLESON, Otto, longshoreman
OLSEN, T. H., wife and two children
OLSEN, Mrs. Matilda and two children
OLSEN, Miss Clara
OLSEN, Stephen and Charles
OLSEN, O. A., carpenter, wife and three children
OPITZ, Anita
OPPE, Fritz, milkman
OPPERMANN, Albert L., and wife, Ninth, between Ave. J and K
OPPERMAN, Miss May of Palestine, and Marguerite and Gussie Opperman
ORMOND, five children of George
OTTERSON, A., and wife, K, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth
OSTERMAYER, Sr., and wife
OSTERMAYER, Henry and wife
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Antionette Pauline, 1514 Mechanic St.
O'TOLSEE, H. E., longshoreman
One Laborer, at Dr. Fry's dairy
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PAISLEY, A. H. and wife, 610 1/2 Ave. K

PALMIERI, Salvatore, wife and five children, Hitchcock
PAROBICH, John, wife and three children, down the island
PAROBICH, Michael, wife and four children, down the island
PAETZ, Mrs. Lina, wife of Louis PAETZ, teamster at mills
PAISLEY, Wm., colored
PALMER, Mrs. J. B., and child
PARK, Mrs. M. L., and Misses Alice and Lucy, Twelfth and Ave. K
PARKER, Miss Mary E., 1502 Ave. M
PARKER, Mrs. Ethel
PARKER, Mrs. Frank and two children
PASHETAG, Mrs. E. and three children, Louise, Eddie and Gertrude - lost at LaMarque
PASKALL, Augustine and wife, Madeline, Galveston island
PATERSON, Miss S., colored, of Houston
PATRICK, Maria, colored, Thirty-ninth, between Ave. N and N 1/2
PATRICK, Ida and Cora, colored
PATRICK, Mrs. Susan, colored, Thirty-ninth and Ave. N
PATTERSON, H. T., wife and children
PATTERSON, Thompson, carpenter, and wife and four children, Thirty-first and Beach
PATTISON, Florence
PATTON, Thomasa, colored
PAULS, Willie and Walder, 1708 Ave. N
PAULS, Miss Agnes, Ave S 1/2 between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-Seventh
PAULY, Mr. and Mrs.
PAYSEE, Mrs. Henry and two children, Leona and Louise
PECO, Leon, wife and four children, Walter, August, Mary and Francis, four miles west of city
PEEK, Capt. R. H., wife and six children
PEETZ, Mrs. J. J., and daughters, Tillie and Stella
PEITZLIN, Rudolph and Robbie
PELLENZE, Mrs. and mother
PENNY, Mrs. A. and two sons, Forty-fourth and Ave. S
PERKSIN, Albert, colored, Thirty-second and ave Q 1/2
PERKINS, Lucy, colored
PERKINS, Lota, colored
PERKINS, Mrs. L., and two children, colored, 3601 Ave. Q 1/2
PERKINS, Alfred, wife and grandson, colored, Ave Q 1/2 between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh
PERKINS, Arthur, colored, Thirty-second and Ave. Q 1/2
PERKINS, Cecile, colored, 2820 Ave. R 1/2
PERRIER, H., wife and child, Eighteenth, between Ave. N 1/2 and O
PERRY, Mrs. Harry M. and son Clayton
PERRY, Mrs. and child, of Houston
PERRY, Jasper, Jr., wife and two children, colored
PERRY, Mrs. Oliver, colored
PETERS, Fritz and wife, Twentieth and Ave. P 1/2
PETERS, Robert, Thirty-third and Ave. S
PETERS, Rudolph, saddler, Thirty-third and Ave. S
PETERSON, George, soldier, wife and two children, Forty-third and Ave. R
PETERSON, Charles, wife and two children
PETERSON, Mrs. A. and four children, Eighth and Ave. J
PETERSON, Mrs. J. and children
PETERSON, H. G. and two boys, lived near race track, down the island
PETTERSON, K. G., wife and child
PETTIT, Walter, 3711, Ave. L
PETTINGILL, W. H., wife and three sons, Walter W., James and Norman (missing), Thirty-third and Ave. S
PHELPS, Miss Ruth M., Forty-first and Ave. S
PHELPS, Mrs. Mamie Love and two children, colored, down the island
PIERSON, Mrs. Mary and Alice
PILFORD, W., Mexican cable company, and four children, Madge, Willie, Jack and Georgianna, Twenty-fifth and Ave. Q
PINER, Mrs. Ella, colored
PINEY, Mrs., colored
PINTO, Mrs. Tony, William and George, Offatt's bayou
PISCHOS, Mr. and Mrs., country road
PIZZOLENZA, Mrs. and four children, Hitchcock
PLITT, Herman
POLAND, Ed. and sister
POLK, Cornelius and Violet, colored
POND, Miss Mary
POPULAR, Mr. and Mrs. A. and four children, Agnes, Mamie, Clarence, and Tony
POREE, Henry
PORETTO, Josephyne
POTTHOFF, Mrs. C. and five children, Amelia, Annie, Charles, Robert, and Mabel, Ave. R between Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth
POTTER, C. H., and little daughter
POWELL, William and wife Eva, Forty-sixth and Ave. K
POWERS, Mrs. Carrie B. 1511 Ave. N
POWERS, _____ and child
POWERS, Mrs. mother-in-law of A. R. G. Edwards
PRAKER, J., wife and child
PRAKER, William
PRATT, Miss Lilian Desautch, 3602 Ave. T
PREISMUTH, Mrs. Fed and three children
PRUESSNER, Mrs., and three children
PRUESSNER, Henrich, down the island
PROPHET, Marie, colored
PRYOR, Ed., wife and four children, Thirty-seventh and Ave. S
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